Seosomun Historical Park

04510  5 Chilpae-ro, Jung-gu, Seoul  

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Formerly Seosomun Neighborhood Park, Seosomun Historical Park is a park which underwent renovation in 2019 to include 4 basement levels, totaling an area of 46,000 m2. The ground level features the park and its facilities while the basement levels feature memorial halls, Sky Square, educational centers, facilities, and parking lot. 


During the park's renovation process, the mausoleum built back in 1984 was preserved on ground level and a plaza was placed in the center of the park surrounded by plant life, including 45 different species of trees (pine, oak, rose bush), and 100,000 stems of 33 different species of grass and reed such as iris, pink mulley, and silver grass, transforming the site into a cultural "healing" space.


The basement levels of the park are consist of a memorial hall, a historical memorial hall, convenience facilities, education centers, and a parking lot. Specifically, the B1 level holds a library, seminar rooms, memorial souvenir shop and cafe, facility, and amenities for visitors. The B2 - B3 level is made up of a Sky Square and an exhibition hall. Although Sky Square, a memorial hall to commemorate the martyrs who've sacrificed themselves, is located on the basement floor, it has no ceiling so that visitors can look up to see the sky.


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04510  5 Chilpae-ro, Jung-gu, Seoul  
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