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Seoul City Wall


The Seoul City Wall was originally built in 1396, surrounding Seoul (then known as  Hanyang) during the Joseon Dynasty (1392-1897). The wall stretches for 18.6km along the ranges of Bugaksan Mountain, Naksan Mountain, Namsan Mountain, and Inwangsan Mountain. The wall stands at average heights of 7m to 8m high. 

Along the Seoul City Wall, there once stood eight gates that were originally built between 1396-1398, but only six remain standing. The North, South, East, and West gates of the wall are known as the “Four Great Gates” (Sukjeongmun, Heunginjimun, Sungnyemun, Dongeuimun), while the Northwest, Northeast, Southwest, and Southwest gates are known as the “Four Minor Gates” (Changuimun, Hyehwamun, Gwanghuimun, Soeuimun). 

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03038  283 Yulgok-ro, Jongno-gu, Seoul (Jongno 6-ga, Seoul Design Support Center)  
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Address 03038  283 Yulgok-ro, Jongno-gu, Seoul (Jongno 6-ga, Seoul Design Support Center)  
Subway - Anguk Station (subway line 3) exit 2. Take green bus no. 02, get off at the Waryong
Park stop and walk for 10 mins.
- Dongdaemun Station (subway lines 1, 4) exits 1, 10
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버스도착정보 안내
버스 번호 도착 정보

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5 2018-08-03 traveler54601
Seoul City Wall Hike
Seoul City Wall (also called Hanyangdoseong) is an 18 km structure surrounding the city. Much of the wall has been preserved or rebuilt but there are sections that are absent. My wife and I hiked...
5 2018-07-22 kpiddy
Take a hike along city wall and get views over neighbourhoods
Construction of the stone city wall (Hanyangdoseong) began in 1394, designed to protect the city, much of the wall was built on the ridges of the surrounding mountains, when complete the wall...
4 2018-07-10 PedroJapan
City Wall and City Wall Museum
The City Wall of Seoul has a fascinating story. If you are hiker, you can hike along this wall for most of the way, yet some parts are off limit. A museum was dedicated to this wall and it walks you...
4 2018-07-05 isnainifa
Great View
It's great to view of the city and nature. The locations so near from JW Mariot Hotels. You must visit this place.
4 2018-07-01 Amy M
SPECTACULAR VIEWS of Seoul at the Seoul City Wall
Walking the City Wall is a great way to see how modern Seoul is becoming and experience flashes of the past at the same time! Depending on how much time you have, you can choose a short and easy 1...