The War Memorial of Korea

04353  29, Itaewon-ro, Yongsan-gu, Seoul  

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The War Memorial of Korea was established to remember the Korean War (6. 25. 1950 ~ 7. 27.1953) and to symbolize the desire for peaceful reunification of Korea. The museum consists of 6 individual exhibition halls and a combat experience room, a screening room and an outdoor exhibition area with memorial statues.

The Statue of Brothers located in the south-west corner of the outdoor exhibition area at the museum symbolizes the Korean War and the hope for reunification. The statue depicts a scene where a family’s oldest son, a South Korean soldier and his younger brother, a North Korean soldier meet on a battlefield. Their embrace expresses reconciliation, love and forgiveness.

There is an extensive garden area around the memorial with an artificial waterfall, and a lake where visitors can picnic whilst enjoying the beautiful landscape. The museum houses more than 10,000 artifacts in the indoor and outdoor exhibition areas. It takes visitors about three hours to complete the tour. The first floor exhibition hall features a history of war from prehistoric times up to the Korean War. The combat experience room on the third floor offers visitors a special opportunity to experience a simulated life and death situation on the battlefield through special effects.


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04353  29, Itaewon-ro, Yongsan-gu, Seoul  
Line 6 Samgakji Stn. 5 min. walk from exit 1.
Line 1 Namyeong Stn. 10 min walk from exit 1.
Line 4 Samgakji Stn. 3 min. walk from exit 11, 12.

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  • You need half day for this one
    It will take you 4-5 hrs to tour this big museum and see the rich history of Korean War. Restaurants and other food establishments are few meters away. Bring small snacks just in case.
    평점:4 chemistrip2019-02-17
  • Best and Knowledgeable Experience
    This place is located near to National Museum of Korea. No entry fee which is the best thing. This is one of the best war museum I've ever visited. Lot of informative stuff, 4D movies for experience...
    평점:5 Subodh6192019-02-15
  • Extensive exhibits
    This is an excellent war museum and memorial. If you must choose, this museum is much more interesting than the National Museum of Korea. The exhibits are thorough and updated; overall much larger...
    평점:5 xp3332019-02-14
  • Very informative museum
    I went the day after Chinese New Year, but it was closed, so I was able to go for a couple hours before my flight home. The museum was very informative and provided a great insight into the history...
    평점:4 globetrekker7282019-02-13
  • So much to learn and appreciate!!
    It was nice. I feel like I went back in time. You can see how war affected people then, and still today. So many lives were lost, and I feel nostalgic going here. The layouts of the sections of the...
    평점:4 HiSophie42019-02-13
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