World Cup Park

121-250  243-48, World Cup-ro, Mapo-gu, Seoul  

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World Cup Park is an ecological park built to commemorate the 2002 Korea Japan World Cup and the new millennium. World Cup Park was once one of Seoul's landfills. The park was built to symbolize the World Cup as well as environmental conservation and the co-existence of humanity with nature. World Cup Park is divided into Pyeonghwa Park, Haneul Park, Noeul Park, and Nanjicheon Park. World Cup Park is a popular place of interest as a class ecological energy themed park. It attracts many visitors from overseas.
World Cup Park is an excellent ecological park and it is hard to believe that the park was once a landfill and a major nuisance to Seoul Metropolitan Government. The park site used to be filled with mountains of garbage and it created dust, odors and attracted flies. It has now been turned into a beautiful park and given to Seoul's citizens.


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버스도착정보 안내
버스 번호 도착 정보
121-250  243-48, World Cup-ro, Mapo-gu, Seoul  
Line 6 World Cup Stadium 5 - 10 minutes’ walk from Exit 1

Line 6 Mapo-gu Office 10 - 15 minutes’ walk from Exit 8

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  • A good Chirldren's day among my friends
    I went there for the Children's day with my friends to have a good time. We had pizza and stayed on the grass. I love parks in Korea because you can stay and eat there and also to play games. Nice...
    Rating:5 Antonia B2018-04-03
  • Great park to play with your kids
    This place is huge, and there are many places you can access to. The names of the parks may sound confusing, but they are very well linked, so you can walk to any parks including Nanji Han River Park...
    Rating:5 yujino8802018-01-10
  • Chilling in a park at Mapogu
    This is a perfect place to chill at when the weather is good. Not only that it is also the perfect to take pictures because there are a lot of different themes garden that can be the background of...
    Rating:5 Lydia L2017-11-25
  • Beautiful Haneul Park
    If you're in the area and have some time, do visit Haneul Park within the world cup Park. It's a steep climb upwards so take the tram if you prefer, 3000won per person. At the top, it's fields of...
    Rating:4 deborahdebbyli2016-10-12
  • Good to walk around the area
    We went to the Sky Park near the World Cup Stadium and there were stairs leading up to the hill. We had a good walk and it was very pleasant.
    Rating:4 Quack H2015-10-28
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