ONE MORE TRIP : A New Way to Travel in Seoul and Korea

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Seoul's Official Local Tour and Experience Guide, One More Trip

The food, fashion, and activities we are used to, can be exciting adventures for foreign tourists.


What is One More Trip?

One More Trip is Seoul's Official Local Tour and Experience Guide published by the Seoul Tourism Organization.

One More Trip will offer a wide variety of video content online about the lifestyles, cultures, and activities of Seoul locals, as well as links to tourism experiences unique to Seoul that visitors can then purchase and try for themselves.


원 모어 트립


What's special about One More Trip?


Don't just see, but experience!

Are you tired of just visiting popular tourist attractions? Let's have fun like the locals! Learn about places you would not find elsewhere.


In multiple languages!

No more difficult Korean descriptions! Available in English, Chinese, and Japanese.


Anywhere and everywhere on PC and mobile!

Whether you are  abroad or already in Korea, you can view the videos and easily search for contents on your PC and mobile phone.






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