CJ Olive Market

04560  B1 CJ Cheil Jedang Building 330 Dongho-ro Jung-gu Seoul  

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This is one of the hottest places in Seoul that opened on June 1, 2018. It is a complex food culture space where you can experience special gourmet food, new lifestyle and food culture trends. You can shop and taste everything from CJ Cheil Jedang's ready-made home cooking brands to internationally famous brands’ ingredients. When you open the front door, you will find the brand store 'Olive Grocery' on the left and the restaurant 'Olive Deli' on the right. At Olive Grocery, you can see, enjoy and shop for CJ Cheil Jedang's home-cook products and fresh ingredients. In Olive Deli, you will see special eat-out menu developed by a professional chef adding seasonal ingredients to CJ Cheil Jedang's home-cook products. Another specialty of this place here is the sophisticated 'Topping Bar'. If you visit during the breakfast time, you can buy Haetban Cupban (Rice in a cup with various sauce and ingredients) from a vending machine and add cooked and slice egg, bean sprouts, and green onion slices to your cups for free to taste.
Here, you can’t miss out on CJ's home-cook vending machine. It is not a common Haetban Cupban; it is a Park Bo Gum Edition! It is so popular that Instragram tells people if the edition is sold out or not. So make sure you check the availability before you visit.


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04560  B1 CJ Cheil Jedang Building 330 Dongho-ro Jung-gu Seoul  
Dongdaemun History Culture Park Station Line 2 and 4 Exit 5, Line 5 Exit 6