Gwanghwamun Square at Night

03154  172 Sejong-daero, Jongno-gu, Seoul  

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Gwanghwamun Square is located on Sejong-ro in Jongno-gu and is vast in size. Gwanghwamun Square stretches out from Gwanghwamun Gate, towards Cheonggyecheon Stream, and is divided into 6 sections: “Recovering the History of Gwanghwamun Gate Plaza,” “Reenacting Yukjo Street Plaza,” “Korea Main Plaza,” “Civil Participation Urban Culture Plaza,” “Downtown Plaza” and “Cheonggyecheon Stream Connector.”  

In 2009, the square was redeveloped into a space of historical revival, culture, and relaxation. 
The focal point of the square is the statue of King Sejong the Great. During the day, the square is always busy with people but at night it is a tranquil and beautiful tourist attraction. Gwanghwamun Square, with Inwangsan Mountain just behind it, is not just a beautiful tourist locale. The square has over 600 years of history and it is a place where the spirit of the Korean nation can be felt.

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  • Underground Museum - Good for a quick look
    We were walking through the square, saw the massive statues of King Sejong and Admiral Yi Sunshin, so we decided to stop in. I found this museum very engaging for being devoted to only two...
    Rating:4 RogersParkian2019-04-14
  • Can’t miss
    On my way to palace G and N market, you can’t miss this square. Easy to walk through, very interesting statues (king and admiral) what is explained. Try the underneath museum. Really good to get a...
    Rating:5 618sebasti_nb2019-02-24
  • Visit the memorial to the Sewol ferry victims
    An impressive and centrally located area where you can find colourful water fountains at night, the Statue of Admiral Yi Sun-Sin and Statue of Sejong the Great amongst others. There is also the...
    Rating:4 SurfingWild2019-01-27
  • Cold during winter
    Wind blowing will make your face frozen when walking in this square. King Sejong's underground memorial/museum can be your savior to escape the winter cold. Nice to walk in this square until you...
    Rating:3 keeshias2019-01-22
  • Impressive statue and museum
    Visited Gwanghwamun Square to take photos of the King Sejong statue. When I arrived at the statue, I found that there's a museum dedicated to the king down under the statue. Admission into the museum...
    Rating:4 liyana19872019-01-15
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