Night Views at Haneul Park

03900  Haneul Park, 95 Haneulgongwon-ro, Mapo-gu, Seoul  

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Of the five parks within the World Cup Park system in Mapo-gu, Haneul Park is the most beloved and popular. Haneul is the Korean word for "sky" and the park was dubbed Haneul Park because it has the highest elevation of the five parks. The area was once a landfill, but the park was subsequently transformed into an ecological park. Haneul Park is famous for its fields of tall pampas grass, sunset views, and night views of Seoul. The park is also popular as a date spot and as a location for photo shoots.

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  • Picture-Pretty
    Oh, this was fun. Haneul Park was not on our itinerary, but since we were in the area, we decided to make a go for it and check out what was so special about it—why it was deemed one of the “most...
    평점:4 monchers2019-02-11
  • Another beautiful scenery in the middle of metropolitan city
    Despite being a metropolitan city, Seoul has a lot place with beautiful scenery they can offer. And this one is definitely one of it. Though it can be slightly a little bit tiring since you have to...
    평점:5 guidemi2019-02-09
  • Family tour in Korea
    Haneul Park is a good park to enjoy and relax only after you climbed a series of ladders going to the top.A good exercise. The park offers a good view of the surroundings especially of the stadium...
    평점:4 jabenz2019-01-16
  • Quiet, peaceful, good views
    Great park to get away from the buzz from Seoul city. Small provision shop with coffee and snacks is available. Best view of Seoul. Good photo opportunities. Still pretty in December.
    평점:5 PokoyoEinstein2019-01-02
  • Silvergrass
    It is a park located near the world cup stadium. The best time to visit this place is during autumn when the silvergrass start to turn golden and silver from green. They also have kochia and pink...
    평점:5 Patrick H2019-01-02
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