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Seoul Photo Festival

04524  City Hall, 110 Sejong-daero, Jung-gu, Seoul  

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"Our Happy Days- Meditating on Korea's 70th anniversay of Liberation with Photos."

The 6th Seoul Photo Festival will take place from November 25 until December 25 for a month at City hall, the Seoul library, and the Seoul Museum of Art. The theme for this year's exhibition is "Our happy days- Mediating on the 70th anniversary of liberation with photos." It is a reflection of how far Seoul and society has come and gives people a chance to have a long hard look at today's society as well.



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버스도착정보 안내
버스 번호 도착 정보
04524  City Hall, 110 Sejong-daero, Jung-gu, Seoul  
Line 1 City Hall Stn. Exit 4, 5
Line 2 Euljiro 1(il)-ga Stn. Exit 1
Line 5 Gwanghwamun Stn. Exit 5