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Goodbye Last year... Hello New year!

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On Wednesday, December 31st, the famous Bosingak Bell will ring 33 times to bring in the New Year.


When the clock strikes midnight, Korea's famous Bosingak bell tolling ceremony takes place within the bustling energy of Jong-no. Since 1953, the new year in Korea was officially announced and celebrated with the ringing of country's most iconic bell, Bosingak, 33 times by prominent figures and celebrities of Korea. Each year, 11 honorary guests are selected to take part in the nationwide event, each tolling the bell three times. Attracting hundreds of thousands of people to the symbolic center of Korea each year, the New Year's Eve celebration has become a nationwide tradition. The ceremony will be accompanied by various New Year's festivities for everyone to enjoy. Come celebrate the new year at the citywide, nay, nationwide new year's party in the heart of Seoul!


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버스도착정보 안내
버스 번호 도착 정보
Line 1 Jonggak