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Namsomundongcheon Stream, Flowing from Jangchungdan to Igansumun Gate : Special Exhibition

04704  530 Cheonggyecheon-ro, Seongdong-gu, Seoul  

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An annex of Seoul Museum of History, Cheonggyecheon Museum will be showcasing an exhibition titled “Namsomundongcheon Stream, Flowing from Jangchungdan to Igansumun Gate” from Nov. 30, 2018 to Feb. 24, 2019.


This exhibition will show how different sections and areas of the Namsomundongcheon Stream has changed throughout various periods in history, providing visitors with a better understanding of how this particular stream contributed to the development and history of Korea.


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버스도착정보 안내
버스 번호 도착 정보
04704  530 Cheonggyecheon-ro, Seongdong-gu, Seoul  
Jegi Station (subway line 1) exit 4
Wangsimni Station (subway line 2, 5, Gyeongui–Jungang Line, Bundang Line) exit 7
Yongdu Station (subway line 2) exit 5