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Seoul Lantern Festival 2016

03187  Jongno-gu, Seoul  Cheonggye Plaza

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The Historic Hangang River, Illuminated through Light

The Seoul Lantern Festival will take place along Cheonggyecheon Stream from Nov. 4th through Nov. 20th, 2016. The Hangang River has great historical and cultural significance to Seoul, Korea, and Seoulites. Hangang means “large river,” and the river has been a vital part of the daily lives of locals over many years and generations. This year, the Seoul Lantern Festival aims to show elements of the historic, cultural, and everyday life of the Hangang River through lanterns. The unique and colorful lanterns will be a sight to behold! 

There are activities open for public participation, such as putting up a wish lantern, hanging a wish note, and more. There will also be food stalls and food trucks operating throughout the festival! Enjoy the lanterns, make a wish, and treat yourself to tasty street food at the Seoul Lantern Festival.

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버스도착정보 안내
버스 번호 도착 정보
03187  Jongno-gu, Seoul  Cheonggye Plaza
City Hall Station (subway lines 1, 2) exit 4
Gwanghwamun Station (subway line 5) exit 5

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Traveler RatingRating:4.5 (Based on 72 Traveler)

Latest 5 reviews of Seoul Lantern Festival

  • Fun lanterns on water
    It's the exhibition of traditional lanterns(yeondeung) on Cheonggyecheon Stream. People stroll and enjoy taking photos with them. There are other events like wish boats and lotus lights. There's no...
    Rating:4 590jhl2019-07-17
  • Fabulous autumn evening activity
    It happens every November and is a wonderful attraction to stroll along the Cheonggyecheon stream. The artists let their imaginations soar and the lanterns can be fanciful or literal.
    Rating:4 ThePackedBag2019-06-06
  • Lanterns were so pretty!!!
    I came here to watch the Seoul Lantern parade, and it was beautiful!! So many big and beautiful, and culture lanterns :).
    Rating:4 HiSophie42019-05-13
    The parade was just perfect, everything was gorgeous. The people were dancing and celebrating everywhere, the feeling of festivity was incredible. A memorable experience.
    Rating:5 Luna O2019-05-11
  • Lanterns -river of lights
    This is well worth a visit to Seoul, the size and variety of the lanterns amazed us. We would return to Seoul just to see this again. Walking along beside the river with many locals and visitors was...
    Rating:5 Heychalkie2019-02-13
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