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Seoul Street Performance 2019

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From April to November, Seoul Street Performance 2019 will designate attractions around Seoul such as tourist information centers, tourist sites, city squares and plazas, pedestrian walkways, traditional markets as "Seoul Street Performance" venues where 200 performance teams will put on a show. 


There will also be designated spots called "Free Performance Street" open to the public so that anyone who wishes to perform can perform in those spots after sending in an application. 



<Free Performance Street>

- Gwanghwamun City Tour Bus Stop (Ticket Booth)

- Boramae Medical Center

- Bosingak Belfry

- Seoul Bamdokkaebi Night Market (Cheonggyecheon)

- Yongsan Crafts Museum

- Yonggang-dong Samgye Park

- Itaewon Special Tourist Zone - Stage

- War Memorial of Korea - Museum Cafe

- Front of KTO Seoul Office


※ For performance location, please check official website → Performance Location


Inquiry: 02-702-7775


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