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The 18 Sparkling Bridges of the Han River

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The 18 Colorful Charms of the Han River at Nighttime

Previously, for energy conservation reasons, only 12 of the Han River’s bridges were lit up colorfully at night. However, lighting plans were expanded to include more bridges and now a total of 18 Han River bridges are lit up colorfully at night. This has resulted in an even more beautiful Seoul nightscape.

Currently, 27 of the Han River’s 29 bridges have or are in the process of being fitted with lighting systems. Originally, just 12 bridges had lighting systems. The 6 bridges to have been newly fitted with lighting systems are the Hangang Railway Bridge, the Haengjydaegyo Bridge, the Dongjakdaegyo Bridge, the Hannamdaegyo Bridge, the Yeongdongdaegyo Bridge, and the Jamsildaegyo Bridge.

The 5 “storytelling” bridges and the 13 “outstanding landscape” bridges each have their own personalities, images, and characteristics. 

The light show times are flexible. The exact time the bridges’ decorative lighting turns on varies depending on the season and sunset times. Usually, the lights go on from dark until 11pm. Additionally, from May to October, the warm weather draws many Seoulites to the Han River and so the lights are usually kept on until midnight during these months.