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The Joymain Group's Samgye-tang Party by the Han River

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한강 삼계탕 파티_중마이 그룹

After the Incheon Chicken and Beer Party, the Han River Samgye-tang Party

Executives and employees of China's Joymain Group visited Seoul on an incentive tour in early May. As part of their visit, the 8,000 visitors enjoyed a samgye-tang (ginseng chicken soup) party, outdoor performances, traditional games, and more at Banpo Hangang Park. Seoul's mayor, Mayor Park Won Soon personally invited the Joymain Group to hold this incentive tour in Seoul during the 2015 Bejing-Seoul Tourism MICE Information Session held in Beijing in August, 2015.

The Joymain Group’s trip to South Korea took place from May 5th to 9th and visitors arrived on 34 airplanes. This was the single largest tour group in aviation history. Executives and employees lodged at 16 urban hotels throughout Seoul during the duration of their visit. They visited major tour attractions like Gyeongbokgung Palace, Dongdaemun, Cheonggyecheon (Stream), Myeong-dong, Imjingak Pavilion, Everland and more. Transportation of the group during their visit involved more than 200 vehicles.

During this period, on May 6th and May 10th, the city of Seoul held a samgye-tang party at Banpo Hangang Park for 8,000 Joymain executives and employees. 4,000 people were served on the 6th, and the remaining 4,000 members of the Joymain tour group were served on the 10th.  Outdoor welcome performances were held with singers from the original soundtrack of popular TV show "Descendants of the Sun." 400 tables accommodated 10 people per table, and kimchi was served along with beer and ginseng liquor.

한강 삼계탕 파티_중마이 그룹

Before the samgye-tang dinner, there were traditional Korean cultural experiences in place for visitors to partake in. The Seoul Tourism Organization provided a space for everyone to play traditional Korean games such as pitch-pot (throwing sticks into a large canister from a distance), shuttlecock kicking, paper-square slap matches, etc. Additionally, Korean operational staff and the Seoul MICE support team were there in hanbok, Korean traditional dress, to add even more fun to the experience.

The welcome event was supported by the Korean government and organizations that are united in nurturing the Korean tourism industry, such as the Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Rural Affairs, the Korea Chicken Council (KCC), the Korea Tourism Organization, the Seoul Metropolitan Police Agency, the Seoul Tourism Organization, and so on.

*Joymain Group was incorporated in Nanjing in 1993 and is the manufacturer and seller of health and hygiene products. Sales in 2014 reached about 2.2375 trillion won. The group has implemented mass scale incentive tours, inviting distinguished executives, employees and members, every year since 2010. In 2013, the Joymain Group arranged a Korean cruise tour for 2,000 people.