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[e-Sports Stadium Tour Program]

Do you want to feel the essence of e-Sports? An experiential program provides special experience to e-Sport fans all over the world by introducing renowned progamers and popular games, Visitors can tour around the Hall of Fame to see the history of e-Sports and watch live e-Sports match in the country’s largest e-Sports stadium.

○ Eligibility : Any foreign tourists visiting Seoul
○ Period : Twice a month from April to December, 2019. (Be subject to change according to competition schedule)
  • - Detailed schedules may change. Further information can be checked on the Application Form page.
○ Venue : S-Plex Center (31, Maebongsan-ro, Mapo-gu, Seoul)
  • - Get off at Digital Media City Station on Seoul subway line 6, Gyeongui-Jungang Line and Airport Railroad, then take exit 9 and walk for 13 minutes
○ Content : Tour of OGN e-Sports stadium and Hall of Fame (40min) + Watch e-Sports Competitions (120min~until the game finishes)
○ Maximum no. of participants : 15
○ Languages : Korean and English
○ Age of limit : over 15years old
○ Admission : Free
○ How to apply : Access the following link and submit the Application Form
○ Please read the following before applying for the e-sports stadium tour program
  • - Some areas of the stadium is severely restricted. Please follow the instructions of the program guide.
  • - All games are broadcasted live or recorded, therefore any actions that disturb the shooting is prohibited. Some games might restrict any photo or video shoots.
  • - Food is not allowed inside the stadium.
  • - Minors might not be allowed in some games depending on the online game participation grade.
  • - Entering might be restricted if you lose the ticket on the game day.

○ Information on application 

    • - The tour program is subject to change according to the schedules of e-Sports game season.
    • - Up to 2 people can apply through the same application form, including the writer.
    • - If the number of applicants exceeds 15, they will be selected in a random drawing.
    • - The selected participants will receive a confirmation letter via email three to five days prior to the start of the tour. Only selected participants will receive the email.
    • - For smooth program operation, please inform the secretariat if you cannot participate after receiving the confirmation letter through email (

○ Inquiries : Secretariat of Hallyu Experience Program (Korean/English) 

    • - Business Hours : Monday~Friday 10:00~16:00 (in Korean time. except public holidays)
    • - Tel : +82-2-790-3994 / E-mail :