Recommanded PyeongChang Course

Seoul to PyeongChang

Highlights PyeongChang Olympics Recommanded PyeongChang Course

See more on the various transportation methods available for travel between Seoul and PyeongChang.






※ Dongseo Expressway : Seoul-Incheon/East Hongcheon-Yangyang
※ Yeongdong Expressway : Incheon-PyeongChang-Gangneung
※ Second Yeongdong Expressway : Gwangju-Wonju




1. From Cheongnyangni Station in Seoul (subway line 1) take the KTX-Suncheon line to Gangneung (roughly 1 hr. 12 min.)

2. Take the KTX from Incheon Int’l Airport to Gangneung Station (roughly 1 hr. 53 min.)

3. From Cheongnyangni Station in Seoul (subway line 1) take the KTX to Jinbu Station (roughly 1 hr. 20 min.)

4. Take the KTX from Incheon Int’l Airport to Jinbu Station (98 min.)


5. From Gangneung Station and Jinbu Station, utilize a shuttle bus.

※ KTX: Gangneung Station, Jinbu Station, scheduled to open Dec. 2017 (Timetables and fares will be updated accordingly)


Shuttle Bus




Shuttle Bus
Jinbu Region Hoenggye Region Gangneung Region
1. Transfer Parking Lot 1. Olympic Sliding Center 1. Gangneung Bus Terminal
2. Bokwang Transfer Parking Lot 2. Yongpyong Alpine Center 2. Kwandong Hockey Center
3. Bokwang Snow Park 3. Alpensia Ski Resort 3. Gangneung Olympic Park
4. Jangpyeong Bus Terminal 4. PyeongChang Olympic Plaza 4. Gangneung Station (Parking available at Seongsan, Hongje, Hoesan, and North Gangneung)
5. Jangpyeong Station - -
6. Jeongseon Alpine Center - -
7. Alpensia Ski Resort - -

※ Shuttle buses are free if riders hold a ticket for a sporting event the day of the ride.


Express Bus/Intercity Bus


Buses from Dong Seoul Terminal run to and from Gangneung Intercity Bus Terminal.


Dong Seoul Terminal

○ Address : 50 Gangbyeonnyeok-ro, Gwangjin-gu, Seoul

○ Getting there

  • ·Gangbyeon Station (subway line 2) exit 4 (take exit 3 to use the wheelchair accessible elevator)
  • ·Bus no. 2223, no. 2224, no. 3212, no. 9204, no. 15 to Gangbyeon Station

○ Telephone : +82-2-1688-5979

○ Official Website : (Korean)


How to Purchase a Ticket

1. Purchasing from the ticketing counter

  • ·Purchase your tickets on the 1st floor at the ticketing counter. Head to the 2nd floor to get timetables, fares, and destination terminals.
  • ·After purchasing your tickets, check the gate number and board your bus.
고속버스 창구

Ticketing area


2. Purchasing from an automated ticketing machine

무인발매기 예매방법1

Press “same day/purchase”

무인발매기 예매방법2

Check departure dates & times, destination

무인발매기 예매방법3

Select desired departure date & time

무인발매기 예매방법4

Select number of tickets and seats

무인발매기 예매방법5

Select “pay by card” and complete payment


○ Fare

  • ·Regular: 13,700 won
  • ·Student: 11,000 won
  • ·Child : 6,900 won

○ Distance : 240km

○ Duration : Roughly 2 hr. 30 min.


Regular Taxi
Deluxe Taxi
Jumbo Taxi
인터내셔널 택시
International Taxi

Reservations :

Base Fares
Base Fares
Fare Regular Taxi Deluxe/Jumbo Taxi International Taxi
Base fare 3,000 won/2km 5,000 won/3km 3,600 won/2km

※International taxis charge a flat fares (55,000-75,000 won) from Incheon Int’l Airport to destinations around Seoul.


Korea Travel Hotline with Interpretation Services


The 1330 Korea Travel Hotline offers tourism assistance and interpretation services to visitors to Korea. This free service is available 24 hours a day.


How to Use

Dial 1330 from any landline, 02-1330 from any Korean phone, or +82-2-1330 from a foreign phone and select your language option. (Press 1. Korean 2. English 3.Japanese 4.Chinese)


관광안내전화 1330