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Clothing and Shoes
When choosing garments, look for the "Made in Korea" tag to be sure of their caliber. Anyone who tries on a Korean-made garment falls in love with its quality fabric, intricate patterns and prints, and meticulous needlework. The garments are stylized and designs are incredibly diverse, making them great value for money. This also applies to shoes, socks, and T-shirts: of these, couple T-shirts and character socks are two must-buy items in Seoul. Foreign visitors to Seoul often recount seeing couples dressed exactly alike as being among the most surprising of the city's sights, and couple T-shirts make excellent and unique souvenirs, not to mention being difficult to find elsewhere. Character socks meanwhile, or socks bearing famous characters such as Korean stars, are witty and incredibly cute, and even those who are not fans of the Korean Wave will appreciate them. What these items have in common is their ability to make anyone smile.

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