Hanbok and Traditional Korean Accessories

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한복과 전통장신구
Hanbok and Traditional Korean Accessories
Koreans can still be seen wearing hanbok, the traditional Korean garment, on special occasions such as Lunar New Year or weddings. Most of the hanbok that Koreans wear on those days are custom tailored, but offt-the-shelf hanbok are also available. With curves that flow like ripples in the water and woven in a rich tapestry of colors, the hanbok is a thing of splendid, yet simple, beauty, which may explain why it has recently given so much inspiration to many of today's top fashion designers. Hanbok are also accompanied by various traditional accessories, such as hair pins or brooches, both of which are usually delicate and intricate works of art, making them popular souvenirs in and of themselves. If you want to get all the attention at a special event, try wearing a hanbok rather than a dress. Perhaps you will be the starlet on that special day.

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