Seoul Yangnyeong Market

02570  10, Yangnyeongjungang-ro, Dongdaemun-gu, Seoul  

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 Seoul Yangnyeong Market is one of the most famous oriental medicine markets in Korea. The market slowly started to establish itself in the late 1960s when small medicinal herbs stores started opening one by one. Today, the market has grown to become the nation's largest oriental medicine market, and 70 percent of the oriental medicine traded in Korea goes through here. Because the market is able to minimize distribution costs, the medicinal herbs sold here cost around 30 percent cheaper than elsewhere. 

When you enter Seoul Yangnyeong Market, you are immediately struck by the unique fragrances of oriental medicine. All Korean medicinal herbs can be found here including several types of ginseng, dates, milk vetch roots, as well as a variety of herbal medicine preparations for maintaining good health. More than 800 oriental medicine shops and clinics are located in this area. 

The most popular gifts to take home are ginseng and mushrooms. Red ginseng is particularly popular, due to its accreditation around the world for its proven effectiveness at restoring energy, and Youngji mushrooms are frequently purchased as they are known to prevent a range of adult diseases. Additionally, rare ingredients for traditional folk remedies such as frogs, terrapins, freshwater shrimp can also be purchased here at the market. The market also sells products like cactus fruits, cockscomb seeds, corn silk, and mulberry roots at reasonable prices. Herbal medicine preparations are available at several “Tangjewon” (oriental medicine brewery and distillery) located all over the market.


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버스도착정보 안내
버스 번호 도착 정보
02570  10, Yangnyeongjungang-ro, Dongdaemun-gu, Seoul  
Line 1 Jegi-dong Stn. Exit 2

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Latest 5 reviews of Seoul Yangnyeongsi Market

  • Herb and health food market
    Huge market specifically selling herbs and health foods. It's interesting to take a look. Close from Metro #1 Jegidong Station and connected to Gyeongdong Market.
    Rating:4 590jhl2019-06-21
  • Amazing looking herbs
    Walking around Yangnyeonsi Market, the unique smells from each shop are just amazing. It’s interesting to see the exotic herbs, strange looking barks & roots that you have never seen or smelled...
    Rating:3 sin42jjg2015-12-01
  • Not really a place for tourist
    I went there as I thought it was would be full of Asian herbs. However the market is a lot smaller then what I expected and only a small section was lively. Beside, many cars and pedestrians were in...
    Rating:3 SunnyC32014-06-03
  • Great prices and good food stands
    My wife and I visited to buy gifts for friends and family back in the US. We wondered around and found many small gifts. Remember you can negotiate the prices. My wife is Korean and maybe that...
    Rating:5 Jaybee4122013-09-03
  • Good prices
    Good prices for some of the jewelry, but not sure if things are real or not, they claim they are Korean gems, but quality does not look so good
    Rating:3 Pedroadrian2012-09-07
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