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A simulated walking tour guide:
Streets that come alive through a video-mapping platform

Even for people who hate walking, exploring a foreign destination on foot can be a joy as worldly troubles disappear amidst the unfamiliar scenery and fresh air. But sometimes, destinations that seemed so promising in blog pictures prove to be a big disappointment. For anyone who’s had such an experience, AlleysMap is here to help.
AlleysMap is a video mapping platform with data from more than 13,500 hiking and walking trails in 24 countries, including Korea. Travel routes logged so far amount to over 6,500 kilometers in distance, which is a remarkable achievement considering that the application launched only two years ago. The app not only displays travel routes on maps, but also provides videos taken of actual streets, GPS information, and other course information. AlleysMap can be a useful and fun guide for people making travel plans, and it’s even a great way to enjoy destinations vicariously through the app for those who can’t travel right away.

What Makes AlleysMap Special

Streets from a pedestrian’s point of view

앨리스맵2The street view services on portal sites usually provide images taken from a moving vehicle. AlleysMap provides videos recorded entirely from a pedestrian’s point of view, offering a more lifelike depiction and more accurate information of the place. Videos on AlleysMap are smartphone or action-cam recordings filmed by pedestrians or cyclists who have personally walked and biked the courses.

Self-developing mapping platform

AlleysMap is a user participation service that invites anyone to upload direct footage from the streets. Registered users are able to safely store and retrieve their travel records through the platform, and regular users can access all the latest information. AlleysMap also produces their own video content, but the company focuses mostly on collecting and connecting user content to construct a program structure that allows access to images and geographical information based on location and route. This way, the information on the video mapping platform continuously updates, expands, and develops.

Accurate and intriguing video content

앨리스맵4While AlleysMap holds a large amount of street data from around the globe, information on Seoul, Korea, takes up a large percentage. As a Seoul-born platform, AlleysMap presents information on the nooks and crannies of the city, from busy main streets to cute, small alleys, and users can take a realistic walking tour just by pressing play. Recently, AlleysMap produced simulated walking tours for five areas including Seoullo 7017 (a new elevated sky park completed in 2017), Ikseon-dong, Yeonnam-dong, and Seochon Village areas. AlleysMap’s interesting and accurate video guides and content prove that even small and ordinary alleyways can become attractive tourist spots.

More Fun Features of AlleysMap


Exploring a dream destination

AlleysMap brings hope to users who can’t take a trip of their own due to practical constraints. Through virtual tours, users can freely explore their dream destinations. Meanwhile, for users with travel plans, the app helps them plan for their upcoming trip by checking out the locations beforehand through their smartphone. Imagining trips to various places around the world while watching the street views is another fun way to enjoy AlleysMap.
* This article has been written based on information provided in May 2018

※ Contact: AlleysMap +82-10-5095-0279, Languages: Korean, English, www.alleys.co, contact@alleys.co