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A more affordable ridesharing service

Getting to and from the airport is easier and faster with BUXI

Getting from the airport to the vacation destination can be what makes or breaks a trip to a new city. Thanks to BUXI, visitors to Seoul can rest assured that they won’t be left to wander with all their heavy bags in tow. More convenient than public transportation and cheaper than a taxi, BUXI is an airport ridesharing service that ensures that travelers to Seoul will arrive and depart with ease.


Get from airport to city, without the hassle

The first thing a visitor to Seoul needs to know is how to get to the city from Incheon International Airport. Options like airport limousine buses or the subway can be daunting to visitors who don’t speak Korean, and travelers may be left with worries about getting to the right destination with all of their luggage intact—and not being overcharged in the process. BUXI is the perfect solution, offering door-to-door service, similar to taxis, that lets passengers choose where they want to be picked up and let off.

Share a ride and save on costs

BUXI is a ridesharing service that transports passengers in small groups according to their final destination. BUXI’s system makes it easy for solo travelers or small groups to find fellow passengers to share a ride. Passengers input their desired pick-up location and time in the app and are automatically grouped with other passengers. A text message confirmation from BUXI will finalize the booking. Rides with multiple passengers are discounted, making BUXI cheaper to use than taxis. Travelers also have the option to ride alone or in a private group with just their friends or family.

Ride safely with professional drivers in high-quality vehicles

For travelers tired of settling for unfriendly service in an unfamiliar country, BUXI offers a completely different experience. To ensure a comfortable ride for passengers, BUXI’s professional and dedicated drivers are neatly attired, have basic foreign language skills, and are well-trained in service etiquette. The clean and well-maintained vans in the BUXI fleet offer a comfortable space for passengers both starting and wrapping up their trips. The mobile app makes reserving a ride easy and convenient, and users can check the van’s location in real time.

How to use BUXI

Install the mobile app (available in the Apple App store and Google Play store) → Specify pick-up location, destination, time, and number of riders → Complete booking and payment → Check information on assigned van and board
ㆍBooking must be completed by 15:00 two days before the desired pick-up date.
ㆍService is available between 03:00 and 24:00 (airport pick-ups: 04:00 to 23:00)
ㆍBooking will be confirmed only when there is a minimum of three riders (please inquire for rides for one or two people)


Separating fact from fiction


Q. Will my trip take a lot longer if I ride with other passengers?

A. Riding with other passengers doesn’t mean it will take significantly longer to get to your destination. BUXI groups passengers who are headed to the same area, so while there may be other stops along the way, travel time will not be greatly affected.

Q. Will I lose my deposit if my flight arrives late?

A. Passengers can notify BUXI in advance of expected delays in arrival using KakaoTalk, Line, or Facebook. BUXI will make every effort to adjust ride arrangements and provide a full refund of the deposit if a new arrangement cannot be made.

Q. Are there restrictions on luggage?

A. Each passenger is allowed one item of luggage. Additional items will require additional fees. If a passenger has more items than specified in the reservation, the ride may be cancelled with a full refund of the deposit.
*The information above was been written based on data from May 2017.


※ Inquiries: BUXI +82-31-712-8100 (Korean, English, Japanese, Chinese) www.buxikorea.com, support@buxikorea.com