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[Outstanding IT Services for Seoul Tourism 2018]
Global crowdsourcing provides real-time translation
of text, images, and voice

Language can be a big struggle when traveling. Being lost in a dim alley late at night becomes all the more nerve-racking when worries about being unable to communicate turn to fear. But in this age of technology, there’s a smartphone app to solve every problem—including language troubles! Flitto translates text, text in images, and voice using a global crowdsourcing network and artificial intelligence. The app currently supports 23 languages.
Through the Seoul Tourism Startups project, Flitto established a “Language Free Zone” around the Cheongyecheon Stream area last December, installing translation QR codes in eight locations including entrance points to provide information in 10 languages. Scanning the QR codes, tourists will find basic location information and information on the history of the Cheonggyecheon Stream and cultural assets nearby. Flitto has also provided translations in 10 languages for 728 information signs at tourist attractions around Seoul, with plans to further expand the number of languages and areas. Flitto sets an example of what a company can do to assist international travelers and residents in Korea while also contributing to the local society.

What Makes Flitto Special

Accurate and natural translation by native speakers

플리토5What makes Flitto translation different from portal site translations is the fact that a large pool of real people read and translate each text. Computer-generated translations aren’t bad, but for those looking for more accurate and natural results, crowdsourced translation is the way to go. More than 80% of Flitto users are from outside of Korea, native speakers of various languages of many nationalities. With their touch, translation becomes much more fluid.

Rapid translation of long text

플리토3Flitto can translate up to 10,000 characters at once. The intrinsic algorithm divides up long paragraphs into sections to distribute them to translating users with a push notification, so that the translators can respond quickly with their translations. This system is much more efficient than assigning the entire text to one or several translators and saves time and money. The person requesting the translation can also indicate their preferences when selecting a translator.

More Fun Features of Flitto

Image translation satisfies curiosity

Never mind perfect translation—there are times when a rough definition is more than enough, like examining the menu at a restaurant, wondering what a dish is made of. This is the perfect moment to try out Flitto’s image translation function! If a translationfor, say, an information panel or a menu has previously been submitted, simply taking a picture will reveal an instant translation. The system analyzes the image and provides relevant records based on the image’s location information. The app can even handle handwritten text!

* article above has been written based on information provided in May 2018

※ Contact: Flitto +82-2-512-0142, Languages: Korean·English·Italian·French·Dutch·German·Russian·Spanish
Portuguese·Swedish·Czech·Polish·Turkish·Arabic·Chinese (Traditional/Simplified)·Japanese·Vietnamese·Malay
Indonesian·Hindi·Thai·Tagalog, www.flitto.com, help@flitto.com