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Work-life balance and life’s simple pleasures:
The Seoul lifestyle experience for travelers

Despite being one of the most well-known metropolitan cities in Asia, Seoul has always felt far from culturally diverse. But as a new paradigm that places value in work-life balance and life’s simple pleasures spreads among the youth, the cultural atmosphere is changing, and people are spending their leisure time in new ways. People would often spend their free time with others who shared their specific interests. Finding others with the same hobbies and joining their exclusive clubs used to be difficult. But now, such barriers are a thing of the past with Frip.
Founded in 2013, Frip is a startup company that revolutionizes leisure and travel culture, filling lives with energy and vitality. Founded on the idea that starting something becomes much easier surrounded by like-minded people, Frip has traveled with 450,000 friends over the past five years in search of happiness. Now, it’s open to people of all nationalities. Anyone traveling or living in Korea can join the activities offered by Frip to get to know locals. Frip has developed 23 activity programs to appeal to international visitors and residents, and has also opened a separate international website (www.frientrip.com).


What Makes Frip Special

From extreme sports to intellectual and research clubs

It’s easy to associate the word “activity” with strenuous physical sports, but the various activities offered on Frip go way beyond that. Try unfamiliar sports like fencing or curling, enjoy various outdoor activities like paragliding, climbing, and other extreme sports, or share knowledge, engage in brain twisters, or volunteer together. Make international friends and learn languages, meet musical or artistic partners, or study history or stocks together—the list goes on! Frip has also developed 23 English language programs through Seoul Tourism Startup, offering sports, travel, culture, history, craft programs, and more.

Online social media that helps people meet offline

It’s hard to expect any meaningful interaction within the world of online social media where likes and hearts are a click away. Frip invites people who have been reluctant to talk to strangers except online, outside and into the world to communicate. There are people out there who share the same interests, and a real social network service should be able to bring them out to meet in person, to talk face-to-face.


More Fun Features of Frip

Become a Frip host

If you can’t find what you’re looking for while browsing Frip or think an activity deserves a program, don’t hesitate to become a host. Plan a program and simply register basic information (activities, fee, itinerary, precautions, etc.) to start a group as a host. It doesn’t have to be something professional or grandiose. If you believe there’s someone out there who shares the interest, that’s all it takes.

A light-hearted way to learn and help others

One of the best things about Frip is that there are several one-day programs designed for light-hearted, commitment-free participation. If you enjoy a class and want to learn more, you can always attend the next event or a similar program. Frip also has numerous volunteer service programs. Hosting marathons to benefit comfort women and events for children with developmental disorders, the volunteer programs bring people together to utilize their free time to benefit society.

* This article above has been written based on information provided in May 2018

※ Contact: Frip +82-2-512-0142, Languages: Korean, English, www.frip.co.kr(Korean), www.frientrip.com(English), www.flitto.com, contact@frientrip.com