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From professional recordings to self-made music videos at a K-pop studio: How to become a K-pop singer in an hour

Fans all over the world enjoy singing, dancing, and covering K-pop songs, but there aren’t many related activities for enthusiasts visiting Korea. Dissatisfied with this reality, King Studio has launched a specialized service—an experience that will make a trip to Korea even more memorable for K-pop fans worldwide.
At King Studio, fans can record a song of their choice in a booth where actual K-pop stars have recorded music, and have their recorded song mastered. A music video will also be produced on-site, using personal photos and videos taken during their trip to Korea. Customers will be able to have their video on their smartphone in an instant once it’s done. King Studio provides consultation through various official messenger channels, on-site interpretation in 5 languages, and easy and hassle-free reservation services.

What Makes King Studio Special

Exclusive K-pop experience

A large portion of tourists who visit Korea are fond of Korean pop culture. King Studio offers a specialized, unforgettable experience for K-pop fans—recording in a studio where many Korean musicians have worked and producing their very own K-pop song. It’s a special feeling, recording your very first K-pop song and joining the ranks of other K-pop idols who’ve made music in the same spot.

Recording with a K-pop vocal trainer and engineer

What good is a professional studio if you’re singing in the booth alone? Without staff, it would be like singing into a fancy karaoke machine. The biggest merit of King Studio is being able to make music with the help of expert staff who work in the music field. A professional vocal trainer will guide you through the notes and rhythms, and a sound engineer will meticulously mix and master the song, post-recording. Only the highest-quality professional sound equipment is used in the studio and customers can check it out in advance on the King Studio webpage. 

Memories in a recording

It all sounds good, but won’t it cost a fortune? Of course, high-quality equipment and expertise won’t come cheap, but the price for the experience is quite reasonable. Then there’s the advantage of creating a multi-media record, which makes it easy to look back on this fun experience. The experience at King Studio goes way beyond just getting some pictures for social media. The digital song and music video come with souvenirs and commemorative photos as gifts. This will be an experience that exceeds expectations, recorded both into a song and the mind.


More Fun Features of King Studio

The best studio, as chosen by musicians

Engineer Noh Gwang-gyun, the owner of King Studio, has helped produce over 360 albums over the past 18 years. His portfolio encompasses popular to classical music, and he has worked with countless artists including Kangta, Kim Kyung-ho, JK Kim Dong-wook, Kim Jang-hoon, Dok2, TVXQ!, Microdot, Park Sang-min, Baby Vox, Cho Yong-pil, Jang Na-ra, Jang Yun-jeong, Sim Soo-bong, Wax, Untouchable, Ivy, Eve, The Grace, Cool, Click B, Tei, Freestyle, Flower, and Wheesung. In addition, he has also worked on various original soundtracks for TV dramas such as Tazza, Cain and Abel, H.I.T, Bulhandang, and Sharp.
* This article has been written based on information provided in May 2018

※ Contact: KING STUDIO +82-2-6338-2428, Languages: Korean, English, Chinese, Japanese, Arabic, www.kingstudio.asia, join@musicking.co.kr