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To find the best restaurants and meals, check MangoPlate before you go: A restaurant search & recommendation service based on authentic reviews

Food is everywhere and there’s a plethora of restaurants, but the act of sitting down to a well-prepared meal at a nice restaurant is becoming ever more important in our lives. MangoPlate is a smart application that removes the uncertainties about dining out: What’s on the menu? Is the food any good? How’s the atmosphere? What’s the price? Can I trust the reviews? MangoPlate eliminates these nagging questions and provides optimized restaurant recommendations customized to the user’s preferences.
Launched in 2013 as a user-participatory information service, MangoPlate is more than a simple search engine. It recommends personalized choices based on big data and the user’s location information. In just four years since its launch, the application exceeded 3 million cumulative downloads, and in addition to the Korean and English language services, it’s now offered in Chinese. With last year’s opening of the Chinese webpage (www.mangoplate.com/zh), the app has attracted a great number of Chinese tourists as its users, providing information about popular hot spots and unique foods in addition to the information on 4,300 restaurants previously offered in Chinese. It’s safe to say that MangoPlate has now become an absolute necessity among Chinese tourists.


What Makes MANGOPLATE Special

Fast and easy restaurant search

MangoPlate provides optimized restaurant information through screening options including region, food type, and price. For example,when filtered through the option settings “Incheon Yeonsu-gu,” “All Cuisines,” “~₩10,000,” and “Parking Available,” the results show a list of restaurants that meet all the requirements. Browse through each result, or sort by rating or distance and just pick the top result. When hunger kicks in but it’s hard to decide what to have, get help from the recommended keywords or other reviewers.

Review credibility

On MangoPlate, you won’t see fake reviews posted by professional bloggers or advertising agencies. Only authentic reviews on restaurants and dishes personally visited and tasted by customers make the cut, which is the core and basis of this service. If users attempt posting advertisements posing as reviews, thepostings are immediately filtered and deleted through MangoPlate’s unique algorithm. Restaurants proven to be connected to the malicious posts are subject to penalty.

More Fun Features of MANGOPLATE

Need a tasting-buddy? Check out “Following”

If you like what you read in a review, then follow the user who wrote it and try other restaurants they liked! You may find you have similar tastes and preferences, so following their visits can help you find new places to try out. It’s also fun to form a community and find kinship with others who share the same culinary enthusiasm. Expand your personal database and develop your interests through communication and exchange on MangoPlate.

Edityourown favorites list

Compile your own personalized lists on MangoPlate, curating your top picks like an editor of a guidebook or magazine. If price is important, make a list of restaurants that are popular yet affordable. If quantity matters as much as quality, create a “generous servings” list, or try any other list of your choice.

망고2-6 * This article has been written based on information provided in May 2018

※ Contact: MANGOPLATE +82-2-565-5988, Languages: Korean, English, Chinese, www.mangoplate.com(Korean), www.mangoplate.com/en(English), www.mangoplate.com/zh(Chinese), cs@mangoplate.com