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Recommendations for must-visit restaurants and mobile menus

A real gourmet tour of Seoul with REDTABLE

It’s impossible to see and experience the real charms of a destination without visiting areas that are beloved by locals. The REDTABLE app uses big data to find and share restaurants that are most popular with local residents. A mobile menu is also offered in several languages so that travelers can place orders and pay for their meals more easily. REDTABLE also offers a convenient direct payment system. With REDTABLE, travelers can enjoy a real gourmet tour of Seoul.


Search for a “real menu”

The R in REDTABLE stands for “real menu.” REDTABLE searches for “real menus,” popular restaurants recommended by locals, based on data collected from blogs and social media. Avoid tourist traps and dine with locals by using the app. Search for menus by selecting “people,” and see real-time information about what kind of restaurants have been searched for and clicked on, broken down by users’ nationalities.

Place an “easy order”

The E in REDTABLE stands for “easy order.” Ordering a meal in a foreign country can be stressful. Not knowing the local language may mean lots of stress at mealtimes. To help travelers place orders easily, REDTABLE offers menus in four languages (Korean, English, Chinese, and Japanese). Browse menus by dish names, photos, and prices. Place an order simply pressing the “order” button or by showing the order screen to waitstaff. REDTABLE has improved travelers’ satisfaction by providing reliable information through their useful app.

Simply pay with “direct pay”

The letter D in REDTABLE stands for “direct pay.” Through REDTABLE, travelers can settle their bills with the app’s direct payment system. There’s no more need to worry about carrying enough foreign currency when traveling. REDTABLE’s electronic payment service allows travelers to use their preferred payment methods, like Alipay, so there’s no need to worry about running low on cash or whether or not credit cards will be accepted. Users don’t even need to install the app to use REDTABLE, Simply access REDTABLE’s mobile website by scanning the QR code at the restaurant with a smartphone. There’s no need to install the app—the beauty of REDTABLE.

How to Find Restaurants through REDTABLE

Install the REDTABLE mobile app (Apple’s App store) or access the mobile website (www.redtable.global) → Select language and city → Browse restaurant information and menus → Check the location of the restaurant on the map

How to Place an Order through REDTABLE

Access the service by scanning a QR code → Select language and check the menu → Place an order after confirming quantity and price

More special REDTABLE services available

. Get REDTABLE in 13 cities worldwide

REDTABLE’s maps show the location of restaurants in 13 cities across the world, including Seoul. See restaurant locations and detailed information at a glance via REDTABLE. REDTABLE is fast becoming an essential service for travelers around the world. Users can see a vast amount of information about restaurants in 13 cities including Tokyo, Beijing, Bangkok, Hong Kong, Jeju Island, and Seoul.

Advance payment service on campus

REDTABLE Campus, offered at Sejong University, has been used by over 1,500 foreign students. A multilingual menu in English, Japanese, and Chinese is provided for students’ convenience. The REDTABLE service also uses an advance payment system to help students reduce waiting time at restaurants during the peak hours.

A network of major business partners

REDTABLE is affiliated with Dianping, the largest restaurant review website in China, and major online travel agencies in China including Ctrip, Tuniu, TONGCHENG INTERNATIONAL TRAVEL SERVICE, QIONGYOU, Feizhu (Alibaba’s travel service), and Hanatour. With these business partners, REDTABLE promotes local Korean restaurants to Chinese tourists. REDTABLE has also become a local partner of the Ctrip Food Forest, the online travel agency Ctrip’s food division, regarded as the Chinese version of the Michelin Guide. As the local partner of the Ctrip Food Forest, REDTABLE offers travel catering information services and provides local gourmet tour information to Chinese visitors.

A must-have for gourmet travelers, the REDTABLE FOODIE PASS

"Indulge in the real flavors of travel!" The REDTABLE FOODIE PASS makes is an essential item for traveling gourmands. The REDTABLE FOODIE PASS makes any gourment tour easier and more pleasant. The REDTABLE FOODIE PASS not only allows travelers to book a restaurant in advance, but it also offers 10%–50% discounts on meals. Abundant information about a wide selection of local must-visit restaurants is also available at Gourmet Map or www.redtable.global.
*The information above was been written based on data from May 2017.

※ For inquiries, contact REDTABLE at +82-31-5171-5670, http://www.redtable.global (Korean, English, Japanese, Chinese), or contact@redtable.global