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Incheon Airport ↔ Hotel, Luggage Delivery Service

Don’t be weighed down by heavy luggage, use SAFEX!!

When preparing for a trip, luggage tends to be a a primary concern for travelers. No one wants to drag heavy bags around when they could be using that time to have fun while sightseeing and shopping. SAFEX is a convenient and reliable luggage delivery service that will transport luggage to and from the airport to Seoul. With SAFEX, travelers can start and finish their travels with peace of mind.


Manage time effectively

After landing in Korea, travelers usually head straight to their hotels to check in and drop off their heavy luggage. But the process of getting from Incheon Airport to Seoul and settling in at a hotel can take more than half a day. Even with a morning flight, travelers may not be able to get out and go sightseeing until late afternoon or evening. SAFEX helps travelers start their journey faster than ever before by delivering luggage from the airport to their lodgings. Start enjoying Seoul and stop wasting time lugging around heavy suitcases!

Shop freely

Travelers worried about luggage heavy bags to the airport might hesitate to shop freely while traveling. With SAFEX, there’s no need to feel limited by luggage. SAFEX’s service will deliver luggage to the airport at the end of any trip. Partial delivery service is available from Hongik University Station, or Seoul Station, located not far from the shopping mecca Myeong-dong. Regardless of shopping plans, travelers will have peace of mind when using SAFEX. Travelers can spend their last day in Korea seeing more of the city when using SAFEX. Travelers can check in any luggage with SAFEX when checking out of their hotel and their baggage will arrive safely at the airport. Check baggage with SAFEX in the morning and then relax and enjoy the city, before heading to the airport.

Use the luggage delivery service anytime, anywhere

Travelers may have hesitated to use a luggage delivery service, due to complicated booking processes or stringent terms and conditions. However, SAFEX is simple to use and offers real-time mobile booking that users can navigate with ease. SAFEX enables travelers to track and monitor their luggage in an instant, via smartphone. Travel in comfort and track deliveries in real-time with SAFEX.

How to use SAFEX

ㆍBook on-site at a SAFEX branch, or online (www.safex.kr). SAFEX’s service is offered in five languages: Korean, English, simplified Chinese, traditional Chinese, and Japanese.
ㆍCheck luggage with SAFEX at Incheon Airport, Seoul Station, or Hongik University Station.
ㆍCheck-in (on-site reservations & pick-up times): Check luggage with SAFEX at Incheon Airport by 3 p.m. → Pick up luggage at the hotel’s reception after 7 p.m. on the day of check-in. When departing, check luggage by 9 a.m. at the hotel’s reception desk → Pick up luggage at Incheon Airport after 2 p.m. on the day of check-in
Note: Users should provide their real names and make sure to enter their hotel name correctly when booking SAFEX online. To ensure a smooth experience, users should register their real names as their SAFEX user name. Real name registration allows for a smooth luggage claim process without having to go through additional verification.


Why SAFEX for cost-conscious travelers?


Reliable and Guaranteed Delivery

Lost or missing luggage can ruin an entire trip. But SAFEX offers reliable and guaranteed transportation of luggage from Incheon Airport to Seoul by AREX (Airport Railroad).

Reasonable Prices

SAFEX offers reasonably priced rates for luggage, based on luggage size. There are three size classifications and rates. The Seoul Station–Incheon Airport partial delivery service is half the price of the hotel-to-airport luggage transfer service. SAFEX is affordable even when indulging in shopping splurges while in Seoul!



Various Events and Benefits

Don’t miss out on gifts and benefits for SAFEX customers! There is an ongoing special promotion for customers who use the Incheon Airport–Hotel SAFEX delivery service with an Airport Express Ticket through certain platforms. SAFEX will also hold a variety of giveaway events for SAFEX users, all while helping visitors enjoy luggage-free travel in Korea.
*The information above was been written based on data from May 2017.


※ For inquiries, contact iTrip at +82-2-364-0211 (Korean, English, Japanese, Chinese), http://www.safex.kr, e-itrip@hotmail.com