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Food and travel builds kinship among Muslims and Koreans, who are unfamiliar with each other’s ways

YallaKOREA, a tour company supported by the Seoul Tourism Startup program, has become a pioneer in the Muslim tour sector. The company was quick to notice that many Muslim tourists from Southeast Asia with interest in popular culture such as K-pop and TV dramas were visiting Seoul, and medical tourism was drawing many Muslims from the Arab world to Korea. To ensure these tourists’ satisfaction while staying in Korea, YallaKOREA found that there was a need for more Muslim-friendly food options, which is always an important factor in travel. Thus YallaKOREA’s first goal was to narrow the distance between Koreans and Muslims through food, understanding that food is always the best way to break the ice.

What Makes YallaKOREA Special

“Halal Road,” leading to healthy and delicious Halal food

얄라2Halal food, simply put, refers to the food that Muslims may eat, and restaurants that serve such food are called Halal restaurants. In Korea, there are four types of Halal restaurants: official Halal-certified restaurants, self-certified Muslim restaurants, Muslim-friendly restaurants, and pork-free restaurants. YallaKOREA produces “Halal Road,” a mukbang (eating broadcast) series that introduces Halal food and restaurants in a fun and easy way, helpful both to Muslims visiting Korea and for anyone curious about the cuisine and culture. A Korean host and a Muslim guest living in Korea run the show, visiting Halal restaurants around Seoul to talk about the food they’re eating. So far, 20 episodes have been produced, proving to the world that there are many Halal restaurants in Seoul, contrary to the popular belief that there must only be a few in Itaewon. The episodes are available on YallaKOREA’s YouTube channel, which has garnered more than 100,000 subscribers.

Making friends through Muslim-friendly tours

얄라3It was “Halal Road” that made a name for YallaKOREA, but the company had long had their eyes on the overall tour business. Food may facilitate the connection between unfamiliar cultures, but more importantly, there was a need for a Muslim-friendly tour program so Muslims could enjoy traveling in Korea in comfort. YallaKOREA made it their priority to improve the general understanding of Muslim travelers’ needs and wants.
All Muslim-friendly tour programs operated by YallaKOREA incorporate Halal restaurants, prayer facilities, and prayer times into the itinerary. There are also customized programs such as family tours for those who wish to travel in smaller groups. And of course, all tours are led by guides fluent in Arabic. YallaKOREA’s Halal tours have four themes: The “Youth” package includes visits to dynamic spots like the Hongik University area and Yeouido; the “Activity” package consists mostly of exploring the Jamsil area; the “Traditional” package includes various traditional Korean experiences, such as trying kimchi, wearing hanbok, and visiting hanok; and the “Health” package provides skincare and beauty treatments.
* This article has been written based on information provided in May 2018

※ Contact: YallaKOREA +82-2-565-5988, Lanuages: English, Arabic, www.yallakorea.com, khalid@yallakorea.com