2019 Seoul Bucket List

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Bucket List

For those who can’t decide what to do for their New Year’s resolutions,
Visit Seoul has come up with a 2019 SEOUL Bucket List.


Challenging even for a local, completion of this list will lead you to mastering the city of Seoul.







"Catch the first sunrise of the year"


Namsan Mountain, Haneul Park, and Achasan Mountain are filled with people coming to make their New Year wish.

And there’s a reason why people still go regardless of the crowd.

Take control of your future by catching the very first sunrise of the year. 









"Don a hanbok and slip back into Joseon Dynasty"


Near Gyeongbokgung Palace, there are many places to try out various hanbok ranging from the king’s outfit to the peasant attire of Joseon Dynasty.

Select a hanbok of your choice, walk along the fully open Deoksugung Palace stoneway walkway and let yourself slip back into the past.









"Try out a unique Korean food"

Gwangjang Market

See, eat, and experience! Do it all at Seoul’s traditional local markets.
And this time, instead of ordering the regular go-to menus, try something different and unique by ordering local Korean specialty like Sannakji (Sliced Raw Octopus) or Yukhoe (Beef Tartare)!









"Don’t miss out on the short-lived cherry blossom week"

Seokchon Lake

Springtime in Seoul is a sight to behold.
There are so many pockets of greenery around Seoul that you can easily find pieces of spring everywhere. 

This is extremely advantageous when it comes to cherry blossom viewing.
Make sure you check in during the elusive cherry blossom week and obtain a one-in-a-lifetime selfie to commemorate your feat!









"Learn a new instrument"

Seoul Drum Festival

With “Music is my life” mentality and “heung” (intrinsic joy) flowing through crowd, Seoul Plaza is instantly transformed into a concert hall for the Seoul Drum Festival.
Apparently, joining a “Master” class will have you drumming away like a pro in no time, so be sure to try it out.









"Bring out your inner fanatic"


Slumbering within everyone is an inner fanatic;
a secret desire to give in to our madness. 

Attend a Korean baseball game and let the passionate, fanatic dancing and cheering begin!









"Go summer shopping with only 100,000 won"

Seoul Summer Sale

There’s no other place like Seoul when it comes to shopping.
With the changing of the season comes a need for a major wardrobe update.
Utilizing the many promotions and bargain deals going on during Seoul Summer Sale, dress yourself up from head to toe with only 100,000 won.









"Fight heat with heat"

Hangang Night Walk

There’s a Korean concept where you fight heat with heat.
Hangang Summer Festival is chock full of programs for you to work up a sweat.
One must-try program is “Hangang Night Walk”, a 42K night marathon along the Hangang River.
Join and complete this program to successfully fight heat with heat.









"Try out free cultural experiences"

Gyeongbukgung Palace

September in Seoul is a period full of discounted tickets and programs.
Take advantage of the free admission of the royal palaces, cultural sites, and museums to fill up your mind and spirit during the full moon festival. 









"Enjoy the last weeks of Hangang River"

Seoul Firework Festival

Hot ramen noodles from the convenience store, delicious fried chicken and beer, and the crisp fall air all point towards the end of summer.
Be sure to watch the fireworks and make some lasting memories of hanging out in Hangang River before it gets colder!









"Light up wish lanterns like Disney’s Rapunzel"

Seoul Lantern Festival

Seoul nights are much more beautiful than its day counterpart.
Every November, hundreds of lanterns light up the Cheonggyechoen River during the Seoul Lantern Festival, illuminating the dark city with a romantic atmosphere.
This year, light up a wish lantern to have your wishes come true!









"Enjoy the holiday decorations in front of Seoul City Hall"

Ice Skating Rink

Every December, the area in front of Seoul City Hall undergoes a transformation.
The gigantic Christmas tree twinkles merrily as people happily skate around the temporarily set up skating rink. 

Enjoy the holiday cheer as you skate around the rink and take in the festive decorations with your loved ones.