Seven Colored Seoul Introduced by BTS

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As honorary ambassadors of Seoul, the seven members of BTS, like the number of colors in the rainbow, hereby recommend how to enjoy attractive Seoul. Choose your favorite theme to create your own「MY SEOUL PLAYLIST」that reflects the color of your soul and preferences.


  Delicious Seoul  

  as recommended by JUNGKOOK  


Pumpkin Bingsu That You Can Enjoy in a Hanok

Suyeonsanbang is the house of Lee Tae-jun, author of 「Munjangganghwa」 and 「Omongnyeo」, and was renovated to a traditional café in 1999 by his descendants. Having Seoungbukdong as a background, visitors can enjoy the beauty of hanok that changes seasonally. The signature dishes of Sueyeonsanbang include pumpkin bingsu, which delivers a savory and soft flavor with home-made pumpkin and red bean filling.



Address: 8 Seongbukro 26 Gil, Seongbukgu, Seoul

Contact: +82-2-764-1736

Hours: Tue-Fri 11:30-18:00 / Sat-Sun 11:30-22:00


Beef Ribs Enjoyed While Standing

Restaurant Yeonnamseo boasts 65 years of history. Just like its name suggests (seo: standing), you have to stand. The only dish, beef ribs, are sold in limited quantity daily, and a lone line is formed in front of the shop. For more than 60 years, the flavor has remained the same, which is why this place is introduced one of Seoul’s excellent restaurants in Japan, the UK, and the United States.

Restaurant Yeonnamseo

Address: 32 Baekbeomro 2 Gil, Mapogu, Seoul

Contact: +82-2-716-2520

Hours: Tue-Sun 12:00-20:00






  Relaxing Seoul  

  as recommended by JIMIN  


Walking-friendly Seoul: Seoul You Want to Have a Walk in

An old overpass filled with vehicles turned into a nice walkway with trees and lighting with good scenery. Seoullo 7017 is the name for this road, which reflects that it was built as a road in 1970 and converted into a pedestrian walkway in 2017. Flower stores, libraries, doll theaters, souvenir shops, restaurants, and other amenities are in place and the road is linked to Seoul’s famous tour spots, including national treasure no. 1, Namdaemun, Culture Station Seoul 284, a comprehensive culture complex, and the traditional castle of Seoul. During the daytime, the 24,000 flowers and trees along the road create a unique landscape that harmonize with Seoul’s buildings, while at night, hundreds of lights create a mysterious ambience.
Meanwhile, the Hanyang Castle Wall is the biggest and has the longest history of any that are remaining in the world. The Hanyang Castle Wall is 18.627 km long, tracking a course full of Seoul’s history, major tour spots, and back alleys. The Baekak, Naksan, Heunginjimun, Namsan, Sungryemun, and Inwangsan areas make up six routes, and the difficulty for each route is posted on the website. The Seoul Hanyang Castle Stamp Tour is in operation, and once four stamps are collected, you can receive a completion badge.


Seoullo 7017

Address: 432 Cheongparo, Junggu, Seoul

* You can access the road from 17 points including Namdaemun Market, Sungryemun, Hanyang Castle, Jungrimdong (Note the website)

Contact: Dasan Call Center +82-2-120

Hours: 365 days, 24 hours

Website: (Korean, English, Chinese, Japanese)


Seoullo 7017 Traveler’s Café (Comprehensive Tourism Information Center & Cafe)

Address: 281 Namdaemunro 5 Ga, Junggu, Seoul

Contact: +82-2-312-8340, 8676

Hours: 10:00-19:00 (May-Oct: 10:00-21:00)


Hanyang Castle

Route Information: Note the Website

Contact: Dasan Call Center +82-2-120

Website: (Korean, English, Chinese, Japanese)


Healing in the City Center, Temple Stay

Jingwansa Temple is Seoul’s most representative temple with 1,000 years of history. You can enjoy beautiful nature and quietness at the temple, not far away from the city center. Jingwansa Temple offers various temple stay programs where visitors can fully relax. Tea pouring and meals are including in the day course, and making lotus lights, doing rituals, and performing 108 bows are included in longer overnight Buddhist culture programs. The temple also has volunteers who can speak foreign languages, making the program very popular among foreign tourists.


Address: 73 Jingwangil, Eunpyeonggu, Seoul

Contact: +82-2-388-7999

Website: (Korean)






ⓒ Sebastian Schutyser

  Extreme Seoul  

  as recommended by RM  

Meeting a Famous Mountain that Represents Seoul

Bukhan Mountain is one of Seoul residents’ favorite mountains, a very rare park in the world featuring nature within the city center. From small paths full of trees to rocky climbing walls, various hiking courses are available.
The scene of Seoul from Baekundae, the highest peak of Bukhansan at 836m, is simply breathtaking. It also is a gigantic rock where more than a thousand people can sit at once. One of the most representative courses is Bukhansansung Course. From the Bukhansan Exploration Support Center to Daeseomun and Bori Temple, the course is 3.4km (takes 2 hours and 40 minutes), and is loved by many visitors thanks to the beautiful landscapes and valleys.
For beginners, the Daenammun Course (5.8km, 3 hours) that ranges from the Bukhansan Exploration Support Center to Daenammun, is recommended. You can learn about history at major gates of the Bukhansansung, Jungheungsaji, and Bukhan-dong History Center, and relatively flat topography is very child-friendly.

ⓒ Sebastian Schutyser

Bukhansan National Park

Address: 103 Bogunmunro 262 Gil, Seongbukgu, Seoul (Bukhansan National Park Office)

Contact: +82-2-909-0497

Hours: Mar-Nov 04:00-17:00 / Dec-Feb 04:00-16:00

Website: (Korean, English, Chinese, Japanese)






  Historic Seoul  

  as recommended by JIN  


Enjoying Traditional Martial Arts in Namsan

In the past, central points on top of mountains that would have fire or smoke to notify others of urgency or warnings from far away, called bongsudaes, were an important communication method. The bongsudae that is still remaining in Namsan also served a key role of gathering all signals from the country to deliver urgent news to the central government.
Everyday at the Namsan bongsudae for 90 minutes from 11 AM, bongsudae soldiers wearing traditional attire start a fire. From 3 PM, various traditional musical performances, including four instruments, pansori, and traditional martial arts performances, are showcased. In particular, the stage performance that recreated martial arts that were practiced by actual bongsudae soldiers in the past is very interesting, as if you were watching a movie scene. Brave soldiers use swords to cut thick hay sticks and perform magical martial arts, which are amazing enough to garner applause from the audience.


Namsan Bongsu Ritual and Traditional Culture Event

Address: Namsan Palgakjeong Plaza Namsangongwongil, Yongsangu, Seoul

Contact: Dasan Call Center +82-2-120

Hours: Namsan Bongsudae Bonghwa Ritual 11:00-12:30 / Traditional Culture Performance 15:00-16:00 (Mondays Off)


Thousands of Years of Time Traveling at a Museum

The National Museum of Korea is the largest in Korea and 6th largest in the world, covering 12,000 historic items from the ancient to modern times. External gardens showcase stone towers, lightings, and other stone art pieces, and other special exhibitions showcase the essence of Korea’s history, art, and culture. The souvenir shop, that sells items in the museum, is also very popular.

The National Museum of Korea

Address: 137 Seobinggoro, Yongsangu, Seoul

Contact: +82-2-2077-9000

Hours: Mon-Tue, Thu-Fri 10:00-18:00 / Wed, Sat 10:00-21:00 / Sun 10:00-19:00

Website: (Korean, English, Chinese, Japanese)


A Happy Time When You Can Make Your Own Ceramic

In a cozy and neat hanok, you can create your unique traditional baekja and ceramic items for daily use. With one-day classes, held under different themes every month, even beginners can easily participate. Reservations are available via blog or Instagram.


Address: 114 Bukchonro 5nagil, Jongnogu, Seoul







  K-Wave Seoul  

  as recommended by J-HOPE  


Meet BTS Art Toys at K-star ROAD (Korean Star Street)

Gangnam became world-famous from PSY’s Gangnam Style and is considered a birthplace of many K-pop stars leading the Korean Wave. Gangnam is also filled with good restaurants and fashion stores that are a must-visit for K-wave fans. K-star Road (Korean Celebrity Street), from Apgujeong Rodeo Station to Cheongdam Intersection, has art toys of 17 K-pop group installed, and is visited by many fans from home and abroad. ARMY of BTS also loves to visit there because there are signatures of the BTS members on the art toys.
If you would like to own an art toy miniature, what about going to the GANGNAMDOL HAUS near the exit 7 of Apgujeong Rodeo Station. Please visit the official website for art toys now available.


K-star Road

Address: 343 Apgujeong Gangnamgu, Apgujeongro, Seoul (GANGNAMDOL HAUS: Back of the Exit 7 Apgujeong Rodeo Station)

Contact: +82-2-3445-0111

Hours: GANGNAMDOL HAUS Daily 10:00-19:00 (Break time 13:00-14:00)

Website: (Korean, English, Chinese, Japanese)


Global Character BT21 at Hand

If you would like to check out BT21, a globally popular character product, go to the LINE Friends L7 Hongdae Flagship Store. A variety of products including dolls, cushions, office supply products, and clothes that are based on the mobile messenger are awaiting you.

LINE Friends L7 Hongdae Flagship Store

Address: 141 Yanghwaro, Mapogu, Seoul

Contact: +82-2-322-9631

Hours: Daily 11:00~22:00

Website: (Korean)


I am a K-pop Celebrity!

Do you want to become a K-celebrity in the future? Go to WE DANCE STUDIO in Hongdae. Not only does the studio teach K-pop dance, the studio also teaches hip-hop, poppin’, and other dance genres, and it also offers 1 day classes for foreigners, as well as special classes for beginners and children. Please make a reservation via a phone call or SNS.


Address: 2F 19 Worldcupbukro, Mapogu, Seoul

Contact: +82-2-324-7786

Hours: Weekday 10:00~23:00

Website: (Korean),

SNS(Twitter, LINE): @wedanceseoul






  Fashionable Seoul  

  as recommended by SUGA  


Enjoy Shopping at Hot Compilation Stores in Seoul

Worksout Hongdae RYSE is a fashion compilation store that has garnered attention from the fashionistas of Seoul. The store has the most trendy clothes, shoes, and goods, including famous American musician Rihanna’s collection. This attractive spot is full of the free and artsy sentiment of Hongdae. In a modern space made of concrete, display vanities made of vintage furniture and unique ornaments create a great harmony, making it look like a pop-art exhibition.


Worksout Hongdae RYSE

Address: 1-3F RYSE Autograph Collection 130 Yanghwaro, Mapogu, Seoul

Contact: +82-2-337-8334

Hours: Daily 12:00~21:00

Website: (Korean)


A Day at a Unique Container Box Shopping Mall

'Common Ground' is Korea’s first, and the world’s biggest container box shopping mall, with 200 containers on top of one another. Trendy fashion brand shops and Seoul’s famous restaurants from Hongdae, Gyeongnidan-gil, and Garosu-gil are gathered in one spot, offering visitors to enjoy both fashion and nice cuisine. Year-round events, including The Beer Week Seoul, and various exhibitions and performances are available, so please check the website in advance.

Common Ground

Address: 200 Achasan-ro, Gwangjin-gu Seoul

Contact: +82-2-467-2747

Hours: Daily 11:00-22:00 (Some restaurants are open 11:00- next day 01:00 on 3F)

Website: (Korean, English, Chinese, Japanese)


Enjoy ‘Seoul’s Trendy’ Makeup

Espoir’s Hongdae Makeup Pub is the first pub-style cosmetics store (though alcohol is not sold), reminding visitors of a lounge pub with its chic and free-spirited ambience. Professional artists choose the best color for individuals through customized consulting. Makeup touch up services are also available.

Espoir Hongdae Makeup Pub

Address: Hongikro 6 Gil, Mapogu Seoul

Contact: +82-2-336-1178

Hours: Daily 12:00~22:00






  Exclusive Seoul  

  as recommended by V  


A glamorous and elegant hanbok experience

Sulwhadanjang, operated by Sulwhasoo, an oriental cosmetics brand, offers an opportunity to wear elegant and traditional hanbok. Several hanboks are offered, including traditional hanboks that were worn in the palace during the Joseon Dynasty, women’s hanbok wear for noble families, the hanbok from the Miindo Painting, the most famous woman’s painting, for a total of 12 female hanboks. Visitors can also use norigqe, hair pins, hair wigs, and other accessories.
After hanbok experiences, visitors can test cosmetics that go well with the hanbok, and they can also take memorable photos on the rooftop. Advance reservation via the website is necessary.


Sulwhasoo Flagship Store, Sulwhadanjang

Address: 18 Dosandaero 45 Gil, Gangnamgu, Seoul

Contact: +82-2-541-9270

Hours: Weekly Sat, Sun 14:00, 16:30 (Twice, 90 minutes)

Fee: Free of charge

Website: (Korean)


Custom Suit Made by Craftsman

Do you want to try customized suit just like the protagonist of the movie 「Kingsman」? Bespoke suit store, LERICI, hand-crafts suits at almost every step in the suit-making process to cater to the preferences and body shape of the wearers to complete sophisticated, customized suits.


Address: 38-5 Apgujeongro 75 Gil, Gangnamgu, Seoul

Contact: +82-2-549-5356

Hours: Tue-Sat 10:30-07:30, Sun 11:30-05:00

Website: (Korean, English)


Perfectly Fitting Bespoke Handmade Shoes

If you want to have a pair of shoes for your feet, please visit Laffiar. With its elegant design and chic colors, the brand has trans-generational shoes that are loved by people of all ages. All processes, including leather trimming and accessories, are all hand-made.


Address: 18 Seonneungro 138 Gil, Gangnamgu, Seoul

Contact: +82-2-511-8719

Hours: Mon-Fri 10:00-19:30 / Sat 10:00-19:30 / Sun - Holidays 10:00-18:30

Website: (Korean, English)


Even Famous Celebrities Loved This Korean Dining

John Malkovich(actor), Thom Browne(designer), and other famous celebrities visit 'Lee Jongguk 104'. They serve rare seasonal ingredients from all around Korea and decades-old fermented sauces with enormous time and care. They use different plates made of yugi, ceramic, and wood that perfectly match the characteristics of the food.

Lee Jongguk 104

Address: 95-1 Seongbukro, Seongbukgu, Seoul

Contact: +82-2-747-0104

Hours: Mon-Sat 11:30-22:00