A Hope-filled Street: Hongdae Ttaeng Ttaeng Alley

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A Hope-filled Street:

Hongdae Ttaeng Ttaeng Alley


Let's take a closer look at Wausan-ro 32-gil today, the alley stuck right next to the Sanwollim Theater. Nowadays, the sight of a crowd carrying bundles on their heads or a train blazing down the tracks while blowing on the horn is quite rare. But now, a new type of atmostphere is starting to bud. The harmony between artists and businesses are breathing vitality back into this very street.


The Ttaeng Ttaeng alley got its peculiar name because of the Gyeongui Line. Many years ago, trains from the Gyeongui line passed this area, and whenever they did, the crosswalk would make a "ttaeng ttaeng" bell noise to alert people nearby that a train was coming. When the Gyeongui Line went underground in 2005, the atmosphere of the street changed as well. Less people started to occupy the area. As the rails were even torn down, the street just became a bleak and desolate vacant lot. It was through one business owner's idea that the Ttaeng Ttaeng Street started to regain its vitality. The idea was to borrow the skills and talent of artists and musicians to give the street back some of its flavor. This was in fact how the Ttaeng Ttaeng market was born in July 2014. Although it had a weak start, the market continued to persevere and eventually, through word-of-mouth and being broadcast on a TV program, its popularity grew and the amount of visitors is now much larger in scale.


At the entrance to Ttaeng Ttaeng alley, you will be greeted by the Sanwollim Theater. Some would say this building is even considered as the home base to indie bands. If you continue to walk in the direction of Hongdae, you will notice that many art academies line the streets. Because this area started to develop in this manner ever since a long time ago, many artists made their home and life here. These are the very artists that are at the forefront of reviving this street. If you were to ask neighborhood locals to give a simple explanation of this street, they would say that it's one of the only locations that has been untouched by some large corporation. As the days go by and the land and housing prices increase, the Ttaeng Ttaeng alley cannot help but to be caught up in the repercussions of such changes. It has even gotten more intense with the announcement that the construction of the Gyeongui Line Park would be completed in 2017. The transformation of the Ttaeng Ttaeng alley does not end here. A neighborhood publication called "Ttaeng Ttaeng Magazine" is in the works, and there are also thoughts of using this space to host several events or festivals for the enjoyment of tourists, artists, and locals in the area.


① The Sanwollim theater is located at the entrance to Ttaeng Ttaeng alley.
② Once railroad tracks of the Gyeongui line, it is has now transformed into a marketplace.
③ The Ttaeng Ttaeng market that runs from Fall until Spring. If you're looking for unique items, look no further.


If you're looking for unique items, look no further.
The Ttaeng Ttaeng market is regularly looking for people that have good items to sell. The fee to participate as a seller is 5,000 won for adults and 3,000 won for teenagers or children. Take the items that are just collecting dust at home and find them a new owner at the Ttaeng Ttaeng market. Bartering and trading is also a possibility.


④ The Ttaeng Ttaeng market features a variety of booths, some with handmade jewelry and some that provide on-the-spot drawings.
⑤ The train tracks here have transformed into a playground for artists.


Extra information

Subway : Line 2, Airport railraod line, Hongik. Univ., exit 6.
Buses : 270, 271, 273, 602, 603, 707
Mapo-gu Office : (Korean) 
Inquiries : 02-3153-8114


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