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A Sip of Something Special

Cocktails Made with Traditional Korean Alcohol



Traditional Korean alcohol meet fruit to make a whole new refreshing cocktail drink. Seo Jeong-hyun, the winning bartender of a prestigious cocktail competition, showed us how to make four different summer cocktails. It’s not that hard to make something completely new from old traditional alcohol.




오미자 아이콘


Gamhong Yakju

(Gamhongro + Omija)




Made with tropical fruits such as longan and various different medicinal herbs, Gamhongro is famous for being one of the top three rice wines that were served to Joseon’s kings. The unique flavor of the Gamhongro merges well with the Sujeonggwa (cinnamon punch) as the complex scent of the omija and rosemary balances out the bitter taste of the concoction. Older visitors will love this refreshing yet healthy tasting drink.




칵테일 아이콘 Recipe

Gamhongro 30mL + Omija extract 10mL + Sujeonggwa 30mL + Pinch of Rosemary + A Drop of Sugar, Syrup or Honey





파인애플 아이콘


Pine Colada

(Damsol + Pineapple)


파인 콜라다(담솔+파인애플)


Damsol, a distilled form of Solsongju (pine liquor), is mixed with pineapple and coconut milk. The sweetness of the tropical fruit combined with the sharp scent of pine from the Damsol and the sour taste of the citron works harmoniously together. This beverage is a lot more refreshing than the original Pina Colada. If you slightly caramelize the citron extract with a torch, it will give off a richer scent and look even better too.


파인 콜라다(담솔+파인애플)


칵테일 아이콘 Recipe

Damsol 50mL + Pineapple Slices + Coconut Milk 100 mL + Citron Extract 1TB





수박 아이콘


Pink Punch

(Boksoondoga Rice Wine + Watermelon)


핑크 펀치(복순도가 손막걸리+수박)


Pink Punch is a modern reinterpretation of the traditional Korean watermelon punch. And instead of adding milk like usual, rice wine is added in its place. Boksoondoga Rice Wine is a high-end, organic, home-brewed rice wine that produces natural carbonation, making it reminiscent of a champagne. Adding strawberry syrup helps recreate the taste of the watermelon punch. Sprite is added to increase the sweetness and carbonation.


핑크 펀치(복순도가 손막걸리+수박)


칵테일 아이콘 Recipe

Boksoondoga Rice Wine 100mL + Watermelon and Kiwi Slices + Strawberry Syrup 20mL + Sprite 50mL





자몽 아이콘


Moonbae Sling

(Moonbaesool + Grapefruit)


문배 슬링(문배술+자몽)


Slings are used to describe cocktails made with distilled liquor, fruit extract, and soda. This beverage is not only very easy to make but a must have during the hot summers. “Moonbae Sling” is made with a dry soju made with wheat and sorghum called Moonbaesool, some very common grapefruit syrup, and tonic water. It’s super easy to make and it looks and tastes great too.


문배 슬링(문배술+자몽)


칵테일 아이콘 Recipe

Moonbaesool 50mL + Grapefruit Syrup 15mL + Tonic Water 200mL + Lemon 2 Slices





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