A Tour around Seoul with IZ*ONE

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A Tour around Seoul with IZ*ONE


IZ*ONE is a global idol group composed of the top 12 contestants from PRODUCE 48 on Mnet in 2018, consisting of Korean and Japanese girls. They have gained explosive popularity, with their first concert in Korea this June sold out instantly, prompting them to extend their tour dates. Let’s follow the travels of these adorable and talented girls that are rising as today's new top girl group.

Tour Itinerary

Song’s Club Samsung – Lee Nam Seol Korean Snacks – Bowling Bowling – Parasol Bunsik




IZ*ONE’s favorite winter snacks

Song’s Club Sam Sung



In December 2018, the Japanese members, Nako, Sakura, and Hitomi, shared videos of themselves heading out to buy snacks in their V LIVE series. They visited Song’s Club Samsung, a Korean-style hot dog restaurant that sells deep-fried pogo sticks. Hot dogs here are coated with homemade leavened dough, which gives it a crispy outside and chewy inside. There is a wide variety of items like the ones the girls chose, such as the Mozzarella Hot Dog filled with cheese, Sweet Potato Hot Dog, and the Cheese Hot Dog that comes with strawberry jam. The prices are around 1,000 to 2,000 KRW, and are loved by everyone.


Song’s Club Sam Sung

Address: 1F 6, Bongeunsa-ro 63-gil, Gangnam-gu, Seoul

Opening Hours: Mon, Wed-Fri 12:00 to 21:00, Saturday 13:00 to 18:00, Tues 12:00 to 19:30, Closed on Sundays

Contact: +82-70-4184-3022

Directions: Walk for 5 minutes from Exit 2 of Seonjeongneung Station Line 9 (#927) / Bundang Line (#K14)




The snacks that made IZ*ONE smile

Lee Nam Seol Korean Snacks



On Mnet's IZ*ONE CHU-Secret Friends, IZ*ONE visited Insadong to promote their guerilla concert. While walking along the street, IZ*ONE could not help but notice the street food vendor ‘Lee Nam Seol Korean Snacks’ selling “poop bread” by the entrance of Ssamzigil. Unlike its goofy appearance, the bread is soft and fluffy in texture, making any visitor fall in love with the bread with just one bite. Eat it with some refreshing sikhye like IZ*ONE did, and you will enjoy it even more.


Lee Nam Seol Korean Snacks

Address: Ssamzigil, 44, Insadong-gil, Jongno-gu, Seoul

Opening Hours: 10:30 to 20:30 daily

Contact: +82-2-736-0088

Directions: Walk for 5 minutes from Exit 6 of Anguk Station (#328) Line 3



Tour 3

A lovely bowling spot

Bowling Bowling



In celebration of Yena's birthday, the IZ*ONE members hosted an IZ*ONE Bowling Competition and broadcasted it live on V LIVE. The bowling alley they visited is called ‘Bowling Bowling’ and is located in Hwanghak-dong. The bowling alley is also well-known for its annual hosting of the Idol Star Athletics Championships bowling competition, where different idol groups gather to compete in different sports. At the entrance to the alley, you can see bowling pins and balls signed by the members of EXO, ASTRO, Red Velvet, NCT, Momoland, and other famous idol groups. The Pink Zone, where IZ*ONE bowled, is painted with pink all over, including the walls, ceiling, lighting, and everything else. You can enjoy bowling and also take adorable photos there, which is why this spot is so loved by a lot of girls.


Bowling Bowling

Address: B1F Lotte Castle Venecia, 400, Cheonggyecheon-ro, Jung-gu, Seoul

Opening Hours: Open 24 hours

Contact: +82-2-3298-6606

Directions: Walk for 10 minutes from Dongmyo Station Line 1 (#127) / Line 6 (#636)



Tour 4

Essential course of after school

Parasol Bunsik



On ‘IZ*ONE CHU - Secret Friends’, IZ*ONE members ate tteokbokki after school just like typical teenagers in Korea. The members visited Parasol Bunsik in Sanggye-dong. A lot of IZ*ONE fans have been visiting the spot since then to see IZ*ONE's autographs and photos. This place had been a local favorite far before IZ*ONE visited, and is known for offering a serving of tteokbokki for only KRW 3,000. You can add eggs, ramyeon noodles, deep-fried vegetables, dumplings, and other toppings to your tteokbokki to your liking. The ramyeon noodle topping is also only around KRW 1,000, so anyone can add it without having to empty their wallets.



Parasol Bunsik

Address: 14-17, Sanggye-ro 1-gil, Nowon-gu, Seoul

Opening Hours: 11:00 to 21:00 daily; closed January 1st

Contact: +82-2-951-6128

Directions: Walk for 5 minutes from Exit 9 of Nowon Station Line 4 (#411) / Line 7 (#713)


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※ Please note that this article was published in May 2019 and the above information is subject to change at any time.