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서울로_icon Seoul Station 7017 Project

The Seoul Station overpass was constructed in 1970 as a response to the growing traffic congestion in Seoul. For decades, the highway connected the eastern and western halves of the city. Once an elevated highway, it has been transformed into Seoullo 7017, an elevated public park for pedestrians. Seoullo 7017's name is a nod to its origins; 70 for the year the overpass was first constructed, and 17 for the year of the highway's rebirth. The number 17 also refers to the number of pedestrian paths that make up Seoullo. Where cars once sped along, people will now be able to wander. Visit the footpaths of Seoullo and experience Seoul's history and culture while having fun!


▶ What is the Seoul Station 7017 project?
The Seoul Station 7017 project helmed the efforts to transform the Seoul Station overpass into Seoullo 7017. Not only did the Seoul Station 7017 project manage to successfully turn a highway into a pedestrian walkway, the project will continue to work on revitalizing the area surrounding Seoullo 7017.

▶ Revitalization and creating people-friendly city
It is important to remember and preserve history. The Seoul Station 7017 project recognizes the need to both preserve history and to revitalize underdeveloped areas of the city. Working with feedback from locals, the project aims to create a revitalized and people-friendly city. The project will work on a smarter method of revitalization; one that respects the past while working towards the future.

▶ The Seoullo 7017 project; the start of urban revitalization
The completion of Seoullo 7017 does not mean the end of the project's work. The Seoul Station 7017 project will continue to focus on underdeveloped areas of Seoul.
* Learn more about Seoullo 7017 at the official website : Seoullo Since 7017 

서울로_icon Seoullo 7017 Walking Tours 

Seoullo 7017's name is a nod to the dates of its construction. The original overpass was constructed in 1970, and it was reborn in 2017. There are also 17 different pathways to walk at Seoullo 7017. Seoul City Walking Tours now offer 3 Seoullo-centered courses. Visitors to Seoul can reserve tours online and learn more about the hidden stories of Seoul. 서울로_bar

Course 1 : From Hanyang to Seoul (click here to reserve)

Culture Station Seoul 284 → Seoullo 7017 → Severance Building → Sungnyemun Gate → Hanyangdoseong, the Seoul City Wall → Baekbeom Square → Ahn Jung Geun Memorial Museum  → Namsan Samsoon Stairs → Hoehyeon Sibeom Apartments → Namsan Pedestrian Overpass

Course 2 : Exploration of Modern & Contemporary Architecture at Seoullo (click here to reserve)

Culture Station Seoul 284 → Seoullo 7017 → Son Kee Chung Memorial Hall → Yakhyeon Catholic Church → St. Joseph Apartments → Chungjeonggak → Chungjeongno Station

Course 3 : Night Tour of Seoullo (click here to reserve)

Seoul Station Exit 15 → Seoullo 7017 → Namdaemun Presbyterian Church → Hanyangdoseong, the Seoul City Wall → Baekbeom Square → Namsan Pedestrian Overpass → Sungnyemun Gate

서울로_icon Walking, Refreshments, and Fun at Seoullo 7017!

Seoullo 7017 marks the transformation of an overpass highway to a pedestrian oasis in the middle of Seoul. Visitors to Seoullo 7017 can have a relaxing walk and utilize one of eight information centers and eateries to get tourist information, rest, and to have a light meal or snacks. Visitors will want for nothing as each facility has different concepts and offerings.

Seoullo 7017 features a comprehensive tourist information center and cafe called Seoullo Travelers' Cafe (located at Toegye-ro Traffic Island), a Seoullo gift shop (located near the start of Toegye-ro Road), and a variety of eateries and cafes where visitors can purchase Korean meals and snacks. There's no time to be bored during a visit at Seoullo 7017!

A comfortable
rest area
An informational
Interact with citizens
of the world 
Location Name Details
Ground Level
(Start of
Get useful tourist information and learn about the
history of Seoullo 7017
Seoullo Shop Official Seoullo gift shop
Seoullo Upper Section Magnolia Cafe Coffee, ice cream, and light refreshments
Korean-style grilled toast and coffee
Rose Bingsu  Injeolmi red bean bingsu and other Korean desserts
Seoullo Lower Section
Acorn Sweets Signature Seoullo 7017 snacks such as acorn sweets and buns
7017 Seoul
Casual dining offering craft beer and tasty bibimbap created by top chefs and the Seoul City Chef Association
Traffic Island
Travelers' Cafe
A comprehensive tourist information center and cafe 

서울로_icon Seoullo 7017 Facilities and Amenities Map



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Seoullo Information Center

서울로7017_특별페이지_수정3 ▶ Information about Seoullo 7017 and Seoul
- Visitors can learn about the history of Seoullo 7017 and get Seoul travel information. Free official Seoul tourist guidebooks and maps are available here in several languages.

▶ Hours of Operation : 10:00-22:00 / Located on ground level (start of Toegye-ro Road)



Seoullo Shop

▶ The official Seoullo 7017 gift shop
- Visitors can purchase unique, Seoullo-branded souvenirs that can only be found at the Seoullo Shop! The store offers ceramic souvenir shot glasses, tote bags, magnets, and more. The scented diffusers feature scents of plants that were planted on Seoullo. Korean crafts and trade associations were commissioned to create the merchandise on sale at the Seoullo Shop so that Seoullo 7017 could contribute to local economies and communities.

▶ Hours of Operation : 10:00-22:00 / Located on ground level (start of Toegye-ro Road)

Seoullo 7017 t-shirt


Seoullo 7017 magnets


Seoullo souvenir shot glasses


Interior of the Seoullo Shop


Seoullo Travelers' Cafe

▶ A comprehensive tourist information center & cafe 
- Seoullo Travelers' Cafe is a tourist information center and cafe that offers comprehensive tourist information with friendly service. Visitors can purchase Korean herbal tea, coffee, Seoullo 7017's official premium beer, and other refreshments. The center also offers visitors other conveniences such as smart lockers (IoT-based), PC computers to make Seoul travel reservations, and use of printer-copiers and fax machines.

▶ Hours of Operation : 10:00-22:00 / Located on Toegye-ro Traffic Island



Exterior of Seoullo Travelers' Cafe


Roving tourist information guides


Purchase the Discover Seoul Pass and other convenient travel items


7017 Seoul Bibimbap

▶ Bibimbap, the healthy Korean food beloved by all 
- 7017 Seoul Bibimbap is a casual Hansik dinery featuring Korean food made from fresh and healthy ingredients. In addition to the eponymous bibimbap, menu items include potato jeon, dotori-muk (acorn jelly salad), makgeolli (rice wine) and beer. 10 famous chefs from around the world worked with the Seoullo City Chef Association to create special bibimbap recipes just for 7017 Seoul Bibimbap. Diners will also be able to order special seasonal bibimbap. 

▶ Hours of Operation : 11:30-22:00 (last order 21:00) / Located on Seoullo's lower section (by Malli-dong Plaza)

Exterior of 7017 Seoul Bibimbap


Chef Hooni Kim's special salmon bibimbap


Wild vegetable bibimbap and bulgogi bibimbap


Rose Bingsu

▶ Delicious bingsu topped with injeolmi rice cakes and sweet red bean
- Rose Bingsu specializes in the popular Korean dessert bingsu. The injeolmi and red bean bingsu is a wonderful blend of sweet and chewy flavors and textures. Rose Bingsu also offers sweet potato pastries, red bean pastries, and light refreshments such as coffee.

▶ Hours of Operation : 10:00-22:00 / Located on Seoullo's upper section (behind the Rose Stage)

Red bean pastries


Injeolmi and red bean bingsu


Coffee & seasonal drinks


Hydrangea Bread

▶ Korean-style grilled sandwiches + coffee
- Popular with locals and foreign tourists, Korean-style grilled sandwiches are made with a variety of healthy ingredients at Hydrangea Bread. Sandwiches are grilled fresh on-site each day. Visitors can also purchase bread separately to take with them.

▶ Hours of Operation : Weekdays 11:00-22:00 / Weekends & Holidays 10:00-22:00 / Located on Seoullo's upper section

Korean-style grilled sandwiches and coffee


Sandwich preparations


Magnolia Cafe

▶ A retro Korean dessert cafe
- This retro take-out cafe offers a range of seasonal Korean treats. Try their special Seoullo 7017 coffee, made with mixed grains or the organic soft-serve ice cream. Indulge your sweet tooth at Magnolia Cafe. 

▶ Hours of Operation : 10:00-22:00 / Located on Seoullo's upper section

Luxe branding 


Organic soft-serve ice cream


Coffee & seasonal drinks



Acorn Sweets

▶ A snack stand with Korean-style buns and more
- Special Seoullo-themed snacks sold exclusively at Seoullo 7017 can be found at Acorn Sweets. Try the 7017 Acorn Sweets, as these tasty acorn-shaped buns can only be found at Seoullo 7017. Bite-sized and filled with custard cream and nuts, Acorn Sweets are the perfect portable snack.

▶ Hours of Operation : Weekdays 11:00-22:00 / Weekends 10:00-22:00 / Located on Seoullo's lower section

7017 Acorn Sweets