An Archive of Memories, Donuimun Museum Village

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An Archive of Memories,
Donuimun Museum Village


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Located inside the western gates of Seoul City Wall, Donuimun Museum Village is a village of significant historical and cultural value. A great place to walk through on a windy day, here's everything you need to know about Donuimun Museum Village.

Donuimun Museum

June Newsletter - Donuimun Museum

Donuimun Museum is a cultural exhibition space featuring the neighborhood of Donuimun throughout history and records of Saemunan's urban redevelopment. The premise is made up of renovated buildings that were once used as restaurants within Saemunan. Built in 1960 as residential homes, the buildings were used to house Italian restaurant AGIO and Korean restaurant Hangjeong from 1990 to 2000. (Korean)

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-       Donuimun Museum​

-       Saemunan Village (Korean)



Activist’s House

June Newsletter - Activist's House

Established in commemoration of the 100th anniversary of March 1st Movement, the Activist's House is a themed exhibition hall featuring Korean activists, both men and women, who've fought for Korea's independence.


Donuimun Club

June Newsletter - Donuimun Club

A venue for parties, sport and cultural events, Donuimun Club is a meeting space where residents of various nationalities can come to share and exchange their culture. Donuimun Club features popular elements of Donuimun Museum Village during Korean's Modern History Era including martial art schools back in the 20th century. A public space open to everyone, this facility offers room for book clubs and small meetings to those who apply through the official website.


Citizen Gallery

June Newsletter - Citizen Gallery

Donuimun Museum Village displays rare and unique collections belonging to citizens. There are currently two exhibitions showing in this venue. While one exhibition showcases nostalgic machinery, the other exhibition showcases rare Arirang record albums.


Seoul Future Heritage Site

June Newsletter - Seoul Future Heritage Site

"Seoul Future Heritage" is a title awarded to tangible or intangible assets of Korea's modern history era, usually containing highly nostalgic values, that were preserved and left behind for the future generations. 


Exhibition on Living History

June Newsletter - Exhibition on Living History

Featuring old kitchens, living rooms, and classrooms, Exhibition on Living History is a space reproduced to show the daily lives of citizens from the 60s to the 80s in Korea. A space which presents parents with nostalgia and youths with an education on history, this place features daily objects used during the past, some of which includes wood-burning stoves, mother-of-pearl cabinets, and children's desk. 


6080 Space

This space is divided into 5 themes consisting of a theater, arcade, comic book store, photo studio, and barber shop from the 60s – 80s. 

June Newsletter - 6080 Space & Saemunan Theater

① Saemunan Theater

Once an old restaurant named “Andonghoegwan” serving Korean cuisine and meat, Saemunan Theater has an old film exhibition on the first floor and shows old movies and cartoons 4 times a day on the second floor.

June Newsletter - 6080 Space & Donuimun Arcade/Saemunan Comic Book Store

② Donuimun Arcade/Saemunan Comic Book Store

Located next to Saemunan Theater, there’s an arcade and comic book store. The arcade is located on the first floor and the comic book store is located on the second floor. Both are filled with games and comic books that were once enjoyed by our parents and grandparents during their childhood.

June Newsletter - 6080 Space & Seodaemun Photo Studio

③ Seodaemun Photo Studio

A space reproduced to look like a photo studio during the days when film cameras were used, this place also features a meeting room and wedding hall from the 80s.

June Newsletter - 6080 Space & Samgeori Barber Shop

④ Samgeori Barber Shop

Rare and hard to find these days, barber shops were very popular among the men in the 60s and 70s. This replicated space features the barber chairs, price sign, business certificate, hair clipper, and other objects commonly found in the past.


Writer Gallery

June Newsletter - Writer Gallery

Writer's Gallery is an exhibition space showcasing new works which relate to the theme of Donuimun Museum Village every month. The first exhibition to take place here is "Mother's Wardrobe" which will display the everyday clothes women used to wear in the past. (~ Until 5/26)


Village Creative Space

June Newsletter - Village Creative Space

This building is made up of spaces where exhibitions and workshops are held by selected partners who can provide retro-style contents to match the village atmosphere. Presently, a total of 9 partners are running various programs including education programs, experience programs, workshops, and more. 


Experience & Education Center : Master Gallery

June Newsletter - Master Gallery

Buildings along this alley were all once residential homes. At the present, these spaces are used as exhibition spaces to display works of famous masters. Here, visitors can learn and experience the art and culture of Korea’s modern history. Currently available programs include hanji craft, traditional embroidery, music, makeup, tea/coffee, art, and Dakjongi paper doll craft. (5 classes per day.)