An Evening at Seoullo 7017

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An Evening at Seoullo 7017







서울로7017_기획기사_2_icon_서울로7017_1 Evening Strolls at Seoullo 7017

Visit Seoullo 7017 to see another side of the city! During the day, the July heat can be intense and visitors may not want to bear the heat to see all that Seoullo 7017 has to offer. But when the sun goes down, Seoullo 7017 is the perfect place to go for an evening stroll. Enjoy the balmy summer weather with an evening on Seoullo 7017's dreamily-lit footpaths.




서울로7017_기획기사_2_icon_서울로7017_1 Seoullo 7017's Day to Night Transformation




Seoullo 7017 was once an elevated highway that fell into disuse. Rather than demolishing the structure, it was transformed into an elevated pedestrian walkway and park. By day, Seoullo 7017 is a bright, green sky garden. By night, Seoullo 7017 is lit up with moody lighting, giving the entire area a romantic atmosphere.





서울로7017_기획기사_2_icon_서울로7017_1 Visiting Seoullo 7017


The park has several exit and entry points that visitors can use. The main entry points are located at Hoehyeon Station at one end of Seoullo 7017, and Seoul Station on the other end. Seollo 7017 also has smaller footpaths that branch out from the main artery. Seoullo 7017 spans several Seoul neighborhoods, so a visit here means that it's possible to see the neighborhoods of Malli-dong, Jungnim-dong, Cheongpa-dong while enjoying a walk above the crowds and traffic of Seoul. 


Seoullo 7017

icon_clock  Open 24 hours

icon_location  Hoehyeon Station (subway line 4) exit 3, Seoul Station (subway lines 1, 4) exits 2, 8

icon_parking  Seoul Square Parking Lot



서울로7017_기획기사_2_icon_moon  1. Whimsical and Beautiful




Seoullo 7017 features a variety of flora and adornments such as a lit fountain. The fountain's lights change color by the hour making for a dynamic, whimsical display. There are benches located nearby so visitors can rest or stop to contemplate the scenery.



서울로7017_기획기사_2_icon_moon  2. Slices of Real, Everyday Seoul 




The views along Seoullo 7017 are beautiful and it's possible to take in vast panoramas of the city from the sky garden. Visible from the pathway is the Seoul Square building and its giant media facade. The exterior wall of the building functions much like a giant video screen with media art shown. One of the displays screened on the media facade features silhouettes of pedestrians on Seoullo 7017's paths. The brightly lit Culture Station Seoul 284 is another one of Seoul attractions that visitors will be able to take in. Seoullo is a great place to people watch as it's situated above one of Seoul's busiest areas. Take in vignettes of pedestrians, buses, and taxis from atop Seoullo 7017.



서울로7017_기획기사_2_icon_moon  3. Sungnyemun Gate Illuminated




The iconic Sungnyemun Gate almost seems close enough to touch when looking out from Seoullo 7017. Before the sky garden was established, it was impossible for pedestrians to enjoy the elevated view of one of Korea's national treasures, Sungnyemun Gate.





Evening Nibbles


서울로7017_기획기사_2_icon_beer  Can't Decide between Chi-maek and Pi-maek? Have Both!




Chi-maek and pi-maek are two popular Korean food trends that are beloved by Seoulites. Chi-maek and pi-maek are portmanteaus of the English words chicken and pizza with the Korean word for beer, maekju. Sightseeing and walking can work up the appetite, and hungry visitors can stop by Hotel Manu for a delicious meal and ice cold beer. Normally, diners would have to make a difficult choice between pi-maek or chi-maek. At Hotel Manu, diners can opt to have both! Choose from a selection of over 30 varieties of imported beers and chow down on pizza and chicken.


Hotel Manu Seoul

icon_location  1st and 2nd Fl, Hotel Manu, 19 Toegye-ro, Jung-gu Seoul

icon_call  +82-2-757-2265

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