Autumn, Season of Baseball!

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Autumn, Season of  Baseball!



서울 야구장


The air is cooler. Shouts and cheers can be heard echoing around the the stadium. The crowd getting off at Sports Complex Station is abuzz with anticipation and excitement. It's official. Baseball season has arrived.

The thought of singing cheer songs, eating fried chicken, and chugging down the beer is enough to get anyone excited. It doesn’t even matter if you don’t know the first thing about baseball. Anyone can come and enjoy experiencing the unique baseball culture right here in Seoul! From cheer songs to the variety of available food options, here’s everything you need to know about watching a baseball game in Seoul!






Seoul’s Baseball Stadium


Baseball seasons usually take place from April to November. Because there are 9 innings, a typical baseball game can last up to at least 3 hours. Although there are only two baseball stadiums in Seoul, there’s always a game playing every night. 
So, where are these stadiums?



야구장 아이콘



Jamsil Baseball Stadium
위치 아이콘  25 Olympic-ro, Songpa-gu, Seoul
전화 아이콘  1611-0965
서울종합운동장 야구장

Holding a total of 24,411 seats, Jamsil Baseball Stadium is the biggest stadium in Korea! Opened in 1982, it’s the home ballpark of LG Twins and Doosan Bears. Excluding Mondays, there’s always a game playing here.


Gocheok Sky Dome
위치 아이콘  430 Gyeongin-ro, Guro-gu, Seoul
전화 아이콘   +82-2-2128-2300
고척 스카이돔

With a capacity of 16,813 seats, Gocheok Sky Dome is the first domed stadium to be built in Korea. Because of its domed ceiling, this stadium is also used as a venue for cultural/sport events on top of baseball games. It is the home ballpark for Nexen Heroes.





Preparations before the Games!


티켓부스와 티켓



티켓 아이콘
How to Buy


First, check the game schedules! ( 

Ticket booths open 2 hours prior to the start of a game. Buying is pretty simple as you can easily see and select the remaining seats. Seats in the cheering zones sell out pretty fast so get there fast if you plan on getting those seats!

Here’s a tip! There are 4 ticket booths located all around the stadium. When you get out of exit 5 of Sports Complex Station (subway line 2), you’ll see the main ticket booth. To avoid the crowd and get your seats fast, get your tickets at one of the other three ticket booths.


Unfortunately, making online reservations is really difficult as websites are only available in Korean. ▶ Reservation site: (




글러브 아이콘
Merchandise, collectibles, and more!


굿즈 스토어


These aren’t your average shop where you can go whenever you want to. Opening 2 hours prior to the game and closing an hour after the game, these baseball souvenir shops are like an amusement park to baseball fanatics. They can never come out without buying something. Full of uniforms, baseball caps, baseball jackets, bags, umbrellas, pen, and dolls labeled with the home team’s logo, these stores carry a wide range of goods. As you walk along the stadium from exit 6 of the Sports Complex Station, you can spot stalls and stores that sell merchandise of the visiting team too. 





Ready to enjoy the actual game?




Baseball is a globally popular sport. Each country has their own baseball league and baseball culture. However, there’s something about Korean baseball that sets it apart from all the others. It has a very unique cheering culture, food options, and many special events which take place during the games that makes for a very special experience for first-timers.



응원봉 아이콘
Eat, cheer, enjoy!


The first couple of things that come to mind when you mention baseball here is the fried chicken, beer, and cheer songs. The food options available are as varied as the options available in Seoul’s Bamdokkaebi Night Market. Along with chicken and beer, there’s also pizza, chicken skewers, pork belly, and many other food options you wouldn’t think to see in a baseball stadium. But be aware that you’re prohibited from carrying any can or bottle drinks exceeding 1L into the stadium. 


야구 응원현장


Each team and each player of the team has their own cheer song. It’s highly recommended you look up the cheer song for each player, especially if you plan on sitting in the cheering zone. As you eat, cheer, and watch the game, those 3 hours will fly by in the blink of an eye. During periods of rest throughout the game, there are many special events like “Kiss Time”, “Ladder Game”, “Dance Battle”, “Beer Drinking Contest”, etc., allowing people in the audience a chance to see themselves appearing on the big screen. 





야구모자 아이콘




Autumn is the perfect season for baseball. Bring your friends and family and enjoy a night out experiencing the unique culture of Korean baseball!