Biking Around Seoul

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Biking Around Seoul

Seoul is a great city for cyclists. Here are 4 recommended cycling courses to try out in Seoul!

Written by Yang Seul-a / Photo by Lim Hak-hyun / Seoul Bike Official Website.

COURSE 1 Banpodaegyo Bridge ~ Mapodaegyo Bridge (Approx. 16.4 km)

Banpodaegyo Bridge ~ Mapodaegyo Bridge

Banpodaegyo Bridge ~ Mapodaegyo Bridge couse

Banpodaegyo Bridge → Hangang Railway Bridge → Yeouido Hangang Park → Ichon Hangang Park → Mapodaegyo Bridge

Seoul has a great, long cycling route running through the heart of the city along Hangang River. If you're not in a rush, cycling around Seoul is a great way to spend some time in the city. With the availability of public rental bikes (Seoul Bikes), this has never been any easier! The bike path from Banpodaegyo Bridge to Mapodaegyo Bridge is smooth and suitable for some easy riding. Pedaling along the well-worn bike path, cyclists will pass by wide open panoramic views of the Hangang River. Passing along Dongjakdaegyo Bridge and Hangangdaegyo Bridge, you will come upon Hangang Railway Bridge. Be prepared to be hit with a sense of nostalgia as you head under the bridge with the train passing over the green railway structure. Go further to see 63 Building and Yeouido Hangang Park. The first tallest building to be built in 1985 continues to stand strong, emitting a sturdy presence. Upon arrival to Yeouido Hangang Park, take a well-deserved break and enjoy the natural scenery. 

COURSE 2 Jungnangcheon Stream ~ Jamsilcheolgyo Railroad Bridge (Approx. 10.1 km)

Jungnangcheon Stream ~ Jamsilcheolgyo Railroad Bridge

Jungnangcheon Stream ~ Jamsilcheolgyo Railroad Bridge course

Jungnangcheon Stream → Salgoji Bridge → Seoul Forest → Ttukseom Park → Jamsilcheolgyo Railroad Bridge

Seongdong-gu, a district with the oldest history in Seoul, is a great place to ride your bicycle. Stretching from the northern end of Seoul, Jungnangcheon Stream joins with Cheonggyecheon Stream at Salgoji Sports Park. Traveling further, you will come upon Salgoji Bridge, a site that was once a central route back in the Joseon Dynasty. As you cross the bridge heading to Seoul Forest Park, you might come across a group of migratory birds. Cycling past the underground driveway north of Seongsudaegyo Bridge, you will come across a large enclosed space for deer. Here, you can take a moment to rest and feed some deer or slowly explore the park. Before reaching the final destination of this course, you will pass by Ttukseom Park, a site featuring a cultural complex called Jabeolle (J-Bug). Finish off the course at Jamsilcheolgyo Railroad Bridge, where you can race the train while seeing the maginificent view of 123-floor Lotte World Tower in the distance.

COURSE 3 Gyeongbokgung Palace ~ Gwanghwamun (Approx. 3.2 km)

Gyeongbokgung Palace ~ Gwanghwamun

Gyeongbokgung Palace ~ Gwanghwamun course

Gyeongbokgung Station → Gwanghwamun → Samcheong-dong → Cheongwadae (front road) → Sejong Village

This course is a highly recommended course for foreigners. In Jongno-gu, there are close to 50 different public bike rental stations referred to as Ttareungi. Seoul Bikes (Ttareungi) are installed in the vicinity of most major attractions, making it more convenient to tour around this area. It doesn't matter which direction you go in this circular bike course, but it's recommended to start near the Ttareungi rental station near Exit 4 or 7 of Gyeongbokgung Station and bike through Gwanghwamun and Samcheong-dong, past the front of Cheongwadae to Sejong Village. The best feature of this course is the cozy and peaceful sceneries. The palace stonewall and the low-rise buildings do not obstruct the view of the sky, in effect giving visitors a sense of peace and comfort as they pass through this area. Meanwhile, the fountain located in front of Cheongwadae is a famous filming spot. Also called "Angel Fountain", the fountain is more beautiful at night when it is lit up with light. Finally, head to Sejong Village and wander around, slowly winding down to finish the course.

COURSE 4 Hongjecheon Stream ~ Bulgwangcheon Stream (Approx. 14 km)

Hongjecheon Stream ~ Bulgwangcheon Stream

Hongjecheon Stream ~ Bulgwangcheon Stream couse

World Cup Stadium Station → Haneul Park → Noeul Park → Bulgwangcheon Stream → Hongjecheon Stream

This course is difficult due to the 90 m elevation difference and 500 - 800 m of four different slopes. However, the afterward rush of conquering the slopes is like no other. First, head towards Haneul Park, a site inside World Cup Park known for being closest to the sky. It takes a lot of effort and time to climb up and view the magnificent scenery of silver grass in autumn. However, once you make it, you'll be awestruck by the wide, open fields amongst the backdrop of Seoul's cityscape. The Metasequoia Trail is another great attraction of Haneul and Noeul Park. Although small, the trees lining the path stretch up straight towards the sky, creating a scenic area. The bike trails along Bulgwangcheon Stream and Hongjecheon Stream is also well kept and maintained.

icon_bicycle Seoul Bike (Ttareungi)
Seoul Bike (Ttareungi) is a public bike-sharing service available to everyone. Seoul Bike was launched with aims to decrease traffic congestion and air pollution, build up a healthier society, and enhance the quality of life for Seoul’s citizens. Self-operating rental stations are easily accessible and set up near subway stations, bus stops, government offices, schools, and other populated areas around the city. Bikes can be rented out by simply registering on the website or app. They can also be returned to any nearby rental stations. The official website offers services in Japanese, English, and Chinese.