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Jina (Son Ye Jin) and Jun Hee (Jung Hae In) have been known as a brother of a friend and a friend of a sister. After Jun-hee returns to Korea, he works in the same building as Jina, and love sprouts up between them instead of their previously casual relationship. Jeong Hae In’s attractivrness combined with Son Ye jin’s realistic acting and her “pretty look” won the hearts of male viewers as Something in the Rain is a drama that stimulated a desire to date younger men. Let's go to the filming sites o 「Something in the Rain」, which has created a lot of empathy with its story that is likely to be found in real life.

Tour Course

Coffee Bay Gasan – Sejong Village Food Culture Street – Omusa – Oliva Garden



A workplace that has the joy, anger, love, and happiness of Jina

Coffee Bay Gasan



In 「Something in the Rain」, Jina is an active woman in both work and love. She works as a supervisor of a cafe brand, carefully manages the store, and operates the café instead of her manager who is chronically absent. Coffee Bay Gasan is the place where all of Jina's joy and happiness are on display, including when Jina's ex-boyfriend and Junhee come to meet Jina. The cafe is located five minutes from Gasan Digital Complex, making it a quiet haven for office workers and those visiting nearby shopping malls. Coffee Bay’s most popular item is its Americano, which boasts a deep and fine coffee flavor using a unique roasting that does not burn beans.


Coffee Bay Gasan

  Address: 254 Beotggotro Geumcheongu Seoul

  Operating Hours: weekday 07:30~21:00 weekend, holiday 10:00~19:00

  Contact: +82-2-859-1157

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A perfect place to have a drink on a rainy night

Sejong Village Food Culture Street



When Jina and Jun Hee had a drink and on the way home and rain started to fall down, the two shared an umbrella. Sejong Village Food Culture Street was the place where the minds of the viewers were pounding to watch this scene. When you come out of Exit 1 of Gyeongbokgung Station, there are many kinds of restaurants on both sides of the street, including Korean food, Western food, meat, and seafood. Staircase House, famous for its fresh seasonal seafood, and Chebudong Janchijip, famous for its delicious perilla seed soup noodles, are both very popular.


Sejong Village Food Culture Street

  Address: Chebudong Jongnogu Seoul

  Operating Hours: different per branch



Coffee for the day and wine for the night




Workers need a place to melt away their daily fatigue and stress. Jina and Jun Hee also often go to a wine bar after work. Omusa, a café and wine restaurant located in Seochon, is a date spot for the two. This is a remodeled house, with a cozy and warm atmosphere, favored by many both durong the day and night. Omusa Plate is the signature dish of Omusa, which offers a variety of desserts on one plate. This place definitely shows strengths in the dessert menu that goes well with both coffee and wine.



Address  Address: Pilwoondaero 9 Gil 1 Jongnogu Seoul

Hours  Operating Hours: 12:00-23:00, Fri-Sat 12:00-24:00, Mondays Off

Inquiry  Contact: +82-2-723-1933



A first meal with a pretty sister who buys you meals

Oliva Garden



Jina and Jun Hee happen to work in the same building and Jina aks Jun Hee if he would like to have a meal together. Jun Hee goes out for lunch with excitement. Jina tries to pay for the bill just like the title of the drama suggests, but it was too late. Jun Hee had already paid. The first place where they had a meal after the reunion was Oliva Garden. The hearty Italian meal, kind company, and a glass of house wine are enough to make a refreshing lunch at work. Let's find the "pretty sister spot" in the restaurant. There are continuous visits by fans who want to become Jina and Jun Hee.


Oliva Garden

  Address: 16 Jahamunro Jongnogu Seoul

  Operating Hours: Everyday 11:30-22:00, break time 15:00-17:00

  Contact: +82-2-733-3056

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※ Please note that this article was published in November 2018 and the above information is subject to change at any time.