Finding Kai Who Created a Happy Miracle in 「The Miracle That We Met」

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The news that Kai, a member of the top idol group EXO was cast in the drama 「The Miracle That We Met」 was met with high expectations of fans even before broadcasting. In the drama, Kai took on the role of Ato, a heavenly messenger with charismatic visuals and a somewhat goofy personality. While Ato is working to collect the souls of the dead, he makes a big mistake when he took both men who were born at the same time with the same names: Song Hyun-cheol A(Kim Myung-min) and Song Hyun-cheol B(Ko Chang Seok). Ato(Kai), who strives to make up for his own mistakes, caught the eyes of viewers with his passionate acting. Let's go find the traces of Ato in 「The Miracle That We Met」, which gave a deep impression to fans aside from his charming stage performance.

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NY Night Market Hongik Univ. Branch – Kyobo Bookstore Mokdong Branch– D.THRONE Lounge – Lotteworld



Attracting attention with unique menu

NY Night Market Seocho Branch



New York Night Market in Hongdae is where Ato(Kai) revealed his identity as a heavenly messenger to Yeonhwa(Ramiran). This place is a store run by Song Saran(Hwang Bora) in the drama, and it is a place that often appears as a meeting place for bank employees.
A value fusion bistro, New York Night Market's representative dish is finger steak with gorgonzola flavored butter and the cheese waterfall shrimp with Emmental and mozzarella cheese. The avocado proposal steak, which Ato and Yeonhwa ordered, also boasts soft and savory avocado and flank steak. Having the meal with I'm Real Cream Beer, with its sweet and fluffy head, will make it even better.



NY Night Market Hongik Univ. Branch

  Address: 17 Eoulmadangro 5 Gil Mapo-gu Seoul

  Operating hours: Weekdays 11:00-02:00 Weekends, Holidays 11:00-05:00

  Contact: +82-2-3142-3369

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Sometimes even God makes mistakes

Kyobo Bookstore Mokdong Branch



Song Hyun-cheol B(Ko Chang Seok), who has been living in the body of Song Hyun-cheol A(Kim Myung-min) in episode 4, is very confused by Song Hyun-cheol A's successful life and outstanding ability. Ato(Kai) sees Song Hyun-cheol B, who is shocked by the book written by Song Hyun-cheol A at the bookstore, and realizes how big of a mistake he made. This scene was shot at Kyobo Book Store Mokdong Branch. Kai posted a photo taken during the filming of the drama on Instagram, so now fans go visit this place during their Ato tour.


Kyobo Bookstore Mokdong Branch

  Address: 159-1 Mokdongseo-ro Yangcheon-gu Seoul

  Operating hours: 11:00~21:30

  Contact: +82-2-2062-8801

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Cartoon male protagonist from heaven wearing a blue suit




In episode 6, Hwang Geum-nyeo(Yoon Seokhwa) misunderstood the relationship between her son(Kim Myung-min) and Yeonhwa(Ra Miran) and contacts Yeonhwa to meet her. Ato(Kai) appears to block the meeting that is caused by his own mistakes. This scene was shot at the D.THRONE Lounge near Seokchon Lake.
D.THRONE Lounge is loved by local residents as well as by many visitors, with its classy D.Throne electric trains in many corners of the lounge, modern furniture and accessories, and elegant lighting creating a luxurious interior. Since it is operated by the baby train and electric car brand D.Throne, if you make reservations in advance, you will be able to test an infant train that all the family can board. After 6:30 pm, the venue operates as a café and bar, so you can enjoy a romantic atmosphere. During the day, enjoy a brunch meal and at night enjoy the romantic ambience with wine or cocktails.



주소  Address: Jamsil Art Nouveou Palace 258 Seochongosu-ro Songpa-gu Seoul

운영시간  Operating hours: Weekdays 11:00-02:00 Weekends 11:00-03:000

문의  Contact: +82-2-422-5021

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Wonderland full of happines




Ato(Kai) and Mao(Jae Kyung), who solved all the problems in the last episode of the drama, entertained viewers with a scene of beautiful dance performances. The two’s performance, similar to that in 「LA LA Land」, hit its climax in front of the mary-go-round of colorful lights in a dark amusement park. Lotte World’s representative merry-go-round is a mandatory course for couples, and employees often take photos of couples. The merry-go-round creates a more fantastic atmosphere when the sun sets. Let’s take photos in front of the merry-go-round, and show off the excitement and fun you had at the amusement park.



  Address: Lotte World 240 Olympic-ro Songpa-gu Seoul

  Operating hours: Sun-Thu 09:30-22:00 / Fri, Sat 09:30-23:00

  Contact: +82-1661-2000

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※ Please note that this article was published in July 2018 and the above information is subject to change at any time.