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Hanok Stay & Hanbok Experience
Hanok Stay & Hanbok Experience
The hanok, or “Korean house,” is just what the word implies --- a Korean traditional dwelling. Perfectly designed for their environment, hanok are both practical and beautiful, possessing a rustic charm so representative of the aesthetic of old Korea. With the industrial development of Korea in the modern era, hanok have largely been replaced by apartments as the dwelling of choice for many Koreans, especially in Seoul, but they have not disappeared completely, with remaining hanok districts the focus of preservation and renovation efforts. Bukchon has the largest area of Hanok houses in Seoul and is one of the most beautiful residential districts in Korea. Although the houses have been somewhat renovated to provide a greater level of comfort to its visitors, the essence of the Hanok still remains. To experience Korean traditional culture to an even greater extent, some Hanok stays offer tea ceremony programs, handicraft workshops, and more. Why not go even one step further and experience what it feels like to wear traditional Korean clothing (Hanbok)? It's light, breezy, and colorful exterior will make you want to have a photoshoot everywhere you go.  We provide a list of places below that you can visit for Hanok Stay and also a location where you can try on the beautiful Hanbok!

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