MONSTA X’s energy source! Finding great places to eat in Seoul

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<MONSTA X’s energy source! Finding great places to eat in Seoul


In June, MONSTA X released their English-language single “Who Do U Love?“ with its addictive main chorus. With worldwide fanfare, their third upcoming world tour, WE ARE HERE, will hold 20 concerts in cities all over the globe. Let’s go find the energy source for the untiring MONSTA X, who have taken their place as a global group!

Tour Itinerary

Maratuzi - Modern Girl's Engjeopsil, Garosu-gil branch - Imoga Inneun Jip (main branch) - Jokhwang Sangje, Apgujeongrodeo branch



Tour 1

Wonho and Shownu’s bountiful dinner




In December of 2018, MONSTA X members Wonho and Shownu shared a video of their dinner together on the group’s official Twitter feed. The location was the Chinese restaurant called Maratuzi in Itaewon. Upon entering, what immediately catches the eye is the neon sign shaped like a rabbit wearing traditional Chinese attire. Although the main dish here is the malatang soup, the dishes highly praised by Wonho and Shownu are ma la xiang guo, made with the spice-infused Chinese mala sauce and various stir-fried ingredients including bokchoy, shrimp, and mung bean sprouts, and guo bao rou, a Chinese-style sweet and sour pork that is crispy on the outside and tender on the inside.



Address: 16, Itaewon-ro 23-gil, Yongsan-gu, Seoul

Opening hours: Sun.-Thur. 11:30-23:30; Fri./Sat. 11:30-03:00


Directions: Subway Line 6 Itaewon Station (#630) Exit No. 1, walk 2 min.



Tour 2

A dinner like the main character of a movie

Modern Girl's Engjeopsil, Garosu-gil branch



Located on Sinsa-dong’s Garosu-gil, Modern Girl's Engjeopsil is a place that was shown in MONSTA X's reality variety program MONSTA X-Ray 2, Episode 5: Modern Boy Special, and is famous for its 1920s/30s retro-style interior. Antique chandeliers, fancy walls, and antique sofas and tables give an ambience of refinement. The Modern Boy Set ordered by the MONSTA X members lets you enjoy an ample dish including the restaurant's classic donkatsu and Hamburg steak, along with salad and drinks. This is the place to go for a meal with the perfect combination of not only flavor but great interior and ambience as well.



Modern Girl's Engjeopsil, Garosu-gil branch

Address: 62, Gangnam-daero 152-gil, Gangnam-gu, Seoul

Opening hours: 11:30-22:00 daily

Contact: +82-2-3448-0815


Directions: Subway Line 3 Sinsa Station (#337) Exit No. 8, walk 6 min.



Tour 3

Jooheon's lifelong “go-to” place

Imoga Inneun Jip



In the second episode of Celebrity Bromance aired in 2016, the place where Jooheon took Jackson was Imoga Inneun Jip. This is a budae jjigae (sausage stew) restaurant where Jooheon had regularly frequented with his family since he was little. Besides MONSTA X, there are autographs and photos covering the walls of other celebrities and athletes who have visited, showing how well recognized this place is as a great place to eat. Along with their main budae jjigae dish, customers often add bacon, tteok (rice cakes), ramyeon noodles and more.



Imoga Inneun Jip

Address: 31, Eonju-ro 134-gil, Gangnam-gu, Seoul

Opening hours: Mon.-Fri. 11:00-22:00; Sat. 11:00-21:30; Closed Sundays

Contact: +82-2-545-7605

Directions: Subway Line 7 (#730)/Bundang Line (#213) Gangnam-gu Office Station Exit No. 3, walk 3 min.



Tour 4

Jokbal maniac Shownu's pick

Jokhwang Sangje, Apgujeongrodeo branch



In May, MONSTA X member Shownu posted a photo of jokbal (braised pig's feet) along with a selfie on the group's official Twitter feed. Known as a jokbal maniac, Shownu took a visit to the Apgujeongrodeo branch of Jokhwang Sangje. The dish he ordered was the spicy fire-grilled seasoned jokbal alongside warm and savory jokbal that comes in the “half-and-half jokbal” set. Unlike other jokbal restaurants, it comes with chili and tartar sauces to let you enjoy unique flavors. Other than the main dishes, there is also a variety of side dishes on the menu including bibim-guksu noodles and flying fish roe jumeok-bap rice balls.


Jokhwang Sangje, Apgujeongrodeo branch

Address: 40, Dosan-daero 51-gil, Gangnam-gu, Seoul

Opening hours: Mon.-Fri. 16:00-23:30; Sat./Sun. 16:00-23:30 (May close early if ingredients run out)

Contact: +82-2-516-1982


Directions: Subway Bundang Line Apgujeongrodeo Station (#K212) Exit No. 5, walk 4 min.


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※ Please note that this article was published in July 2019 and the above information is subject to change at any time.