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Mapo Manbo


In the bustling area of Mapo, visitors can take a special tour around the neighborhood to walk along and listen to the unknown stories hidden between the district's nooks and crannies. Operating under the slogan, “10,000 steps to uncovering the stories of Mapo”, Mapo Manbo presents some of its themed tours to try out this fall.






문화비축기지 아이콘

Abandoned Spaces, Dream Path

A Reborn City


Oil Reservoir Culture Park


A tour exploring the site that was once forbidden to public access for 41 years, where Mapo Oil Depot was transformed into Oil Reservoir Culture Park through urban regeneration efforts. 


Duration : 2 hr
Itinerary : Oil Reservoir Culture Park Information Center - Tank 6 – Tank 1&2 – Tank 3 – Tank 4&5 – Sangam Social Box
Price : 10,000 won per person (Craft experience program fee paid separately.)


Oil Reservoir Culture Park






Book icon

Walk, Gyeongui Line Book Street

Culture x Sensibility Tour


Gyeongui Line Book Street


A cultural and artistic tour to feel the free and creative atmosphere of Hongdae as you walk along Gyeongui Line Forest Park and Book Street. 


Duration : Approx. 2 hr 30 min
Itinerary : Hongik Univ. Station, Exit 6  - Gyeongui Line Forest Park & Book Street – Sensibility Mission (Find a book you like, take photos) – Visit exhibition spaces selling creative products (Visit Creative Life Store KEY / Pollalla Toy Museum) – Culture Experience program
Price : 10,000 per person (Additional fee may apply for Culture Experience program.)


Gyeongui Line Book Street






Film icon

Dream City, Sangam

City Where Imaginations Become Reality


Sangam DMC


A tour that tells the story of the city’s past and future as you experience Sangam, the city where imaginations become reality.
From film museums to experience halls equipped with the latest technology, there’s plenty to see and enjoy on this tour.


Duration : Approx. 2 hr 30 min
Itinerary : Sangam DMC Gallery – Tour DMC streets - Korean Film Museum – Visit broadcasting studios  - S-PLEX Center (e-Sports and VR experience program, etc.) 

* Experience programs may be subject to change.
Price : 10,000 won per person (Admission fee included in price.)


Sangam DMC






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Welcome to Yeonnam

The past and present of Yeonnam-dong




The past and present of Yeonnam-dong
An alleyway tour where you talk about the past and present of Yeonnam-dong while sitting in a trendy café or restaurant and search through hidden corners of a small neighborhood for unexpected treasures. 


Duration : Approx. 2 hr
Itinerary : Hongik Univ. Station, Exit 3 – Dongjin Market (Maze Street) – Workshop Street – Gyeongui Line Forest Park – Mural Alleyways – Cherry Blossom Road – Bread Lab
Price : 10,000 won per person (Experience program fees paid separately.)








Tteokbokki icon

Together Mangwon

Enjoying the Korean Taste and Aesthetics


Together Mangwon


※ Specifically for foreigners living in Korea
Enjoy the taste of Mangwon Market and aesthetics of Mangwonjeong Pavilion.
A tour to browse through the local selection of market food and explore the beauty of Mangwon-dong’s alleyways, Mangwonjeong Pavilion, and Mangwon Hangang Park


Duration : Approx. 3 hr
Itinerary : Mangwon Station, Exit 2 - Creative Space Leela - Zapangi Cafe - alter.ego - Zero Space – Mangwon-dong alleyways - Mangwonjeong Pavilion (Fan Making Experience) - Mangwon Hangang Park
Price : 20,000 won per person


Mangwon Zapangi Cafe






Mapo Currency  Moa

Mangwon-dong At a Glance

Experience Mapo’s Social Enterprises


Mangwon Market


Mapo’s Social Enterprises
Walk along Mangwon-dong's alleyways, visit Mapo's small businesses, listen to the stories of Mapo Village travel activists, and try using Mapo's own specialized currency "Moa" in this social enterprise tour. 


Duration : Approx. 2 hr
Itinerary : Mangwon Station, Exit 1 – Explore Mangwon-dong’s social enterprises (Market In U – IU Bebe - Uhjjuhdah Store) - Mangwon Market (Mapo Currency ‘Moa’ Experience) - Cafe M
Price : 15,000 won per person ('Moa' Experience fee included in price.)


Mapo Enterprises




Mapo Manbo is a program which allows visitors to see and explore the many hidden, charming places of Mapo. Let the locals take you on a special tour around their neighborhood.



▶ Special tours only available in Mapo, Mapo Manbo

Tour Reservation (Phone) : Mapo Local Tour Platform +82-70-4235-0662
Official Website : (Korean)
Facebook : (Korean)
Instagram : (Korean)

* Minimum of at least 5 people must join to start the tour.
* Schedule may be subject to change due to circumstances like the weather.
* Price may increase with addition of experience programs.


※ The following article has been written on October 2018. Please check before joining the tours as content may be subject to change.