Must See Spots at Seoullo 7017

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Must See Spots at Seoullo 7017





서울로 전시관

Seoullo 7017 is an elevated public park and sky garden in central Seoul. Seoullo is well-known as a pedestrian area, but there's so much to see and do besides walking. 


화분 아이콘


Listen, Imagine, View

Seoullo Peeping Pots


서울로 호기심화분


Along Seoullo’s main pathway, there stand three especially large plant pots with round glass holes. Dubbed the Seoullo Peeping Pots, they are not ordinary plant pots. The round glass holes are actually listening and viewing ports. The View Peeping Pot is located at one end of Seoullo 7017 (at the end closest to Hoehyeon Station), the Imagine Peeping Pot is situated halfway along Seoullo, and the Listen Peeing Pot is located at the end of Seoullo near Malli-dong. Each Peeping Pot offers a different experience and visitors who peer in or put their ears close to the ports will be able to hear sounds of the city, videos, or imagery of Seoul.






Greenery above Seoul

Seoullo 7017's Flora 


서울로 꽃과 나무


Seoullo 7017 isn’t called a sky garden for nothing! The paths Seoullo are lined with a diverse range of flora from end to end. The many different plants even include flowering plants and fruit-bearing trees. There are more than 600 varieties of plants at Seoullo and greenery thrives all over the sky garden. Many of the plants are juveniles and saplings, so the park’s flora will only grow fuller and more beautiful as time goes on. Attached to every plant pot are handy placards with QR codes and plant names so that visitors can conveniently learn more about the landmark’s plant life. Open 24 hours, Seoullo is a wonderful place to explore when in Seoul.




족욕 아이콘


Cool Off and Take a Breather!

Pebble Foot Pool


서울로7017 공중자연쉼터


The Pebble Foot Pool is shallow foot pool that is open for public use atop Seoullo. The pool is especially vital during warm weather and it’s a great spot to sit and take a break during a visit to the sky garden. The pool’s water is drained and re-filled with fresh water every 3 hours. During periods of heavy use when more people are using the pool, the water is switched our every 2 and a half hours.




트램펄린 아이콘


Jump, Jump Around!

Bangbang Playground (Trampoline)


서울로7017 방방 놀이터(트램플린)


A special children-only feature of Seoullo, the Bangbang Playground is hugely popular with families and kids. “Bangbang” is the Korean word for trampoline, and the Bangbang Playground is a set of two enclosed trampolines where kids can jump above the city. There is no age limit, but children must be shorter than 150cm (59in) to use the trampolines. Kids will be able to have a blast jumping at Seoullo.




액자 아이콘


Exhibitions of Modern Art by Hello Artists

Seoullo Gallery


서울로7017 서울로 전시관
서울로7017 서울로 전시관


The Seoullo Gallery holds exhibitions and events at Seoullo 7017. The gallery features modern artwork from top artists and designers. During September and October 2017, visitors to the gallery will be able to see the “Kiss Kiss” exhibition by artist Woosung Lee. The exhibition depicts a colorful series of kisses and embraces as the artist wished to capture love and its happiest moments. Visitors can look forward to more exhibitions in the future. Scheduled installations and exhibitions for 2017 and 2018 will include works from artists and designers such as Jung Hye-Ryun, Kim Jong Bum, and Choi Yun Seok.




물결 아이콘


Art for the Public



서울로7017 윤슬
서울로7017 윤슬


Yunseul is one of the lesser known spots of Seoullo 7017 but it should not be missed. Located in Malli-dong, at the end of Seoullo (by the restaurant Seoullo Bibimbap), Yunseul is a beautiful public art project. Yunseul consists of a series of mirrored beams that hang over a below-ground plaza. Visitors can actually enter Yunseul by walking down a series of steps. From the bottom of Yunseul, it’s possible to see Seoullo 7017 and surrounding buildings through the reflected mirrored beams. Though an art project, it was conceived to be a place where the general public could interact with the space, thus allowing art to touch a bit of everyday life.



Seoullo 7017 holds seasonal events and festivals throughout the year. In September, a whole host of events will run at Seoullo. Some of September's events are the Seoul International Fair & Sustainable Tourism Forum, movie screenings, farmers' markets, arts events, and concerts. For more details on events, please visit the official Seoullo 7017 website.


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