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「My ID is Gangnam Beauty」 is a drama inspired by an eponymously named webtoon. Its cast boasts similarity with the characters in the webtoon. This work is about the inner growth and love story of Mirae (Lim Soo Hyang), who obtained cosmetic surgery prior to starting university in order to overcome her inferiority complex, and her middle school classmate, cold-hearted Gyeongseok (Cha Eun Woo). Let's follow the footsteps of a twenty-year-old couple with a pure and innocent love story.

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Ristorante Il Dito - Atelier Cologne Maison de Famille – Cafe on the Plan – Dookki Hanyangdae



A perfect spot for first dates

Ristorante Il Dito



Mirae and Gyeongseok had their first date in a movie theater to complete an assignment in Episode 8. After watching the movie, Gyeongseok asks Mirae to have dinner together and they excitedly visit a restaurant. Gyeongseok says he researched a place for Mirae, and she feels shy but happy. The background of this scene is Ristorante Il Dito, located in Seorae Village. Ditto means "tip of the hand" in Italian, where you can taste authentic Italian cuisine born from the chef's fingertips. With high ceilings, transparent walls, wide and spacious marble tables and elegant lighting, this place makes the perfect place for first dates.


Ristorante Il Dito

  Address: 94 Myeongdalro Seochogu Seoul

  Operating Hours: Weekday 7:30-22:00, Weekend 11:30-22:00, break time 14:30-17:30

  Contact: +82-2-3471-7021

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To find a memory of Mirae and Gyeongseok

Atelier Cologne Maison de Famille



This is a place where Mirae came to buy cologne for Gyeongseok. The store offers a service where initials can be imprinted on leather, and Mirae was very shy when she asked to put a heart behind Gyeongseok's initials. Atelier Cologne Maison de Famille is the first boutique store of the brand in Korea, where you can find Mirae and Gyeongseok's cologne. The Atelier Cologne, which sells a total of twenty-eight perfumes and colognes from five lines, makes a natural, refined citrus-based fragrance, and has received much love as a "niche fragrance." In particular, Pomelo Paradis, which boasts a glamorous grapefruit scent, is also known as "Mirae’s fragrance."


Atelier Cologne Maison de Famille

  Address: B1 Famille Street 176 Shinbanporo Seochogu Seoul, Atelier Cologne

  Operating Hours: 10:30-22:00

  Contact: +82-2-3479-1870

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The café where Gyeongseok found a part time job

Cafe on the Plan



In Episode 9, Gyeongseok is interviewed at a cafe where Sua works. The owner of the cafe, who picks people based on their looks, offers him a position immediately, but he later finds out that another worker has to stop working due to his hiring and thus declines the offer. This episode was featured in Cafe on the Plan near Konkuk University. It is pleasant and spacious like the drama scene, and you can relax in a quiet atmosphere, which is also favored by students nearby. There are couches in the basement, which can be used as a meeting space for several people.


Cafe on the Plan

Address  Address: 161 Neungdongro Gwangjingu Seoul

Hours  Operating Hours: 08:00~next day 05:00

Inquiry  Contact: +82-2-462-1020



Cook tteokbokki to taste

Dookki Hanyangdae



In Episode 15, Mirae and Gyeongseok finally revealed their relationship to people in the chemistry department and became an official couple. Next they go on a tteokboki date feeling honest and relieved. There, Gyeongseok envies students wearing uniforms and suggests a date wearing a uniform. This scene, where his good boyfriend side is revealed, is at Dookki Hanyangdae. Dookki Hanyangdae is a specialty shop for freshly cooked tteokbokki. You can make your own tteokbokki by choosing a type of sauce, rice cake, noodles, and fish cake. You can enjoy all the ingredients with their unlimited free refill price, including ried rice and beverages.


Dookki Hanyangdae

  Address: Mijin Building 30 Majoro Seongdonggu Seoul

  Operating Hours: 11:00-22:00

  Contact: +82-2-2291-2771

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※ Please note that this article was published in November 2018 and the above information is subject to change at any time.