04050  B 160 Yanghwa-ro, Mapo-gu, Seoul, Korea  

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Hongdae is the scene where Korean culture, both pop and indie, manifests, especially at night. More information on planning a Sangam day trip can be soon found at K-stars and their K-style if the Korean Wave has washed over you, then there’s no better place to tread the path of such tastemakers as Hongdae, the live-wire district of music and art culture. Whether you’ve come on your own or with equally eager friends, the ever-trending university area remains the only place in Seoul where you can transition from daytime exploring to nighttime adventures just as easily as you shuffle through your K-Pop playlist.

Shopping in Hongdae
Across the street and around the corner is a three-story store aptly named Around the Corner, Its multi-designer displays only cover two floors, but the smaller selection gives customers room to consider the subtler hip-hop motifs and mixed prints that punctuate the street wear-filled racks. Remember, just because Hongdae is more casual and “free” than, say, Gangnam or Apgujeong, doesn’t mean fashion doesn’t matter. The vibe you can see from the stores and the people on the streets, is effortless with an edge of the true Hongdae touch. You can see more of that in the quintessential Hongdae institution Aland, and the up-and-coming company Understar.


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04050  B 160 Yanghwa-ro, Mapo-gu, Seoul, Korea