30 Years Ago, Seoul and "Reply 1988"

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Viewers in Korea have gone crazy for "Reply 1988". In 1988, the Seoul Olympic Games, the biggest event since the founding of the Republic of Korea, took place and left thrilling memories of that time for citizens of Seoul. With that heady time as backdrop, the drama "Reply 1988" has become hugely popular. So let's take a trip down memory lane together toward Ssangmun-dong, which is where "Reply 1988" is set. There are also intimate alleys and the warm feeling of a neighborhood.

"Reply 1988" is a popular series on the tv channel tvN, following previous seasons "Reply 1997" and "Reply 1994," and it is a story of family affection, love, and friendship. The main characters are Deok-seon, Jeong-hwan, Taek, Sun-woo, Dong-ryong, and their families, as they live together in Ssangmun-dong. Unlike other dramas it may not have sensational storylines, but it touches the heart and provides laughter too.
Reply 1988
Broadcast by:tvN
Directed by : Shin Won Ho
Written by:Lee Woo Jung
Starring : Sung Dong-Il, Lee Il-Hwa, Kim Sung-Kyun, Ra Mi-Ran, Ryu Hye-Young, Hyeri , Ahn Jae-Hong, Ryu Jun-Yeol, Park Bo-Gum, Lee Dong-Hwi, Go Kyung-Pyo
Release date: 2015-Nov-06~ 2016-Jan-16
More Info :
Synopsis : A heartwarming family drama set in 1988. The story focuses on five families living as neighbors in Ssangmun-dong.
Course 1. In the town of Ssangmun-dong, Deok-seon is there just between a wall

In "Reply 1988", childhood friends, Deok-Seon, Taek, Sun-woo, Dong-ryong are neighbors in Ssangmun-dong. In the drama, Deok-seon attends Ssangmun Girls' High School and other boys go to Ssangmun High School. But in reality, the only school with Ssangmun in its name is Ssangmun Elementary School. Judging from the landscape of the town and school bus routes shown on the drama, the actual models of the two schools are assumed to be Jungeui Girls' High School and Sunduck High School.

In the alley from Ssangmun Station, exit 4 to Jungeui Girls' High School, you can visit an intimate residential area that feels like that the characters of "Reply 1988" are just around the corner. With traces of the year's laundry, a pharmacy, and small houses surrounded by red brick walls, they evoke Korean childhood nostalgia.
"Why don't we go to eat Brazil Tteok-bokki today?"
Brazil Tteok-bokki is frequently mentioned in conversations between Deok-seon and her friends in the tv show. This little restaurant with the unique name had actually existed until the mid to late 1990s. At that time it was a renowned snack bar in front of Jungeui Girls' High School.
Recommended tour courses in Seoul for 'Reply 1988'
Ssangmun Station - Hoho Snack bar in front of Jungeui Girls' High School - Dooley Museum - Uicheon Riverside

서울시 추천 응답하라1988 관광 코스 (쌍문역)

Now in 2016, Brazil Tteokbokki does not exist anymore. But pass by the narrow street in front of Jeongeui Girls' School and on the right-hand side there are many tiny eateries which have operated here for a long time. All the houses have a unique dish in common, 'cheese rice'. The dish is fried rice topped with chopped seaweed and mozzarella cheese; it is popular among neighborhood students. It is a cheap dish you can enjoy while thinking back about your school days.
서울시 추천 응답하라1988 관광 코스 (호호분식)
Hoho Snack bar
Address 32, Dobong-ro 121, Dobong-gu, Seoul
Transportation: Subway, Ssangmun Station (Line 4) Exit 4, 15 minutes on foot (the back entrance of Jungeui Girls' High School)
To get Hoho Snack bar, it is faster by the direction from the school's back entrance. Hoho Snack Bar is cash only.
Course 2. To find the great fixture in Ssangmun-dong, Dooley

Prior to "Reply 1988," the comic book "Baby Dinosaur Dooley," written by Kim Su-Jeong had already widely publicized the Ssangmun-dong area. Starting in 1983, it had been serialized for 10 years through the comics magazine "Treasure Island" and also animated in the tv show "Dooley". This was the most popular character among people who grew up in the 1980s.
After you fill your stomach with a bite of 'cheese rice', let's walk and start a museum tour. At the Dooley Museum, you can explore everything about Dooley. In July 2015, the museum opened and it has provided a variety of exhibitions about Dooley and allows a return to the innocence of childhood. Take a photo with Dooley and you can call or sing with him. Moreover you will have a chance to learn about the process of making comics the way artist Kim Su-Jeong created them. There is also a children's library. so you can read comic books and cartoon books as well.
After the Dooley Museum tour you can take a walk in the Bukhansan dulle-gil through Dooly Park or Uicheon riverside across Dobong-gu. Walk down to Ssangmun 1-dong Community Service Center for about 15 minutes and you will reach Uicheon(near Suyugyo Bridge), which is also Dooley's birth place. The bridge's starting point has Dooley frescoes throughout, for a 150m section. For the frescoes, artist Kim Su-Jeong painted a draft first and the final work was then completed by students of Duksung Women's University and professional artists. More than 70 artists worked together to complete the frescoes. As the largest tributary of Jungnangcheon Stream, Uicheon Stream is about 8㎞ long and is a good place to walk. You can look at Dooley frescoes as well as wildflowers.

서울시 추천 응답하라1988 관광 코스 (둘리뮤지엄)
Dooley Museum
Add. 6, Sirubong-ro 1-gil, Dobong-gu, Seoul
Tel. 02-990-2200
Transportation : Subway Ssangmun Station (Line 4) exit 4 (15 minutes on foot)
or Subway Ssangmun Station (Line 4) exit 1, ride local bus #7 and get off at Ssangmun Kukdong Apt. / Daewoo Iaan Apt.