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Seongsu-dong Again

Seongsu-dong Again

Made up of old factories and new cafes, Seongsu-dong is a vibrant little neighborhood commonly frequented by millennials. And within this central hub of changes, there are many who carve out a place for themselves here, filling up their spaces with their own personal values and beliefs.

Writer. Ha Eun-ha - Photo. Lim Hak-hyeon

Green Life

Club G

  • Club G
  • Club G
  • A small garden within Seongsu-dong, Club G is a lifestyle & gardening shop. Sharing the same love and interest in interior decor and plants, the two owners created Club G as a place for enthusiasts to share knowledge of gardening and good quality products. The 4th floor sells furniture, indoor plants, and indoor vases in all price ranges from cheap to extremely expensive. The 5th floor is a rooftop offering great views of N Seoul Tower and sells outdoor plants and vases inside its greenhouse.

    This place doesn’t only sell products. They also place great importance on sharing knowledge of how to pick and care for plants and developing an eye for good products. Showcasing good quality products at a reasonable price, they also recommend plants based on the owner’s daily habits and lifestyle, offering a treasure trove of advice for plant and décor enthusiasts. 

    Location Icon Address 4-5F, 38, Seoulsup-gil, Seongdong-gu, Seoul

    Clock Icon Hours 10:00 - 17:00, Closed Sunday

    Phone Phone +82-2-469-3427

    Computer Icon Website

    Social Dining

    Jango Kitchen

  • Jango Kitchen
  • Jango Kitchen
  • Making visitors feel as if they’ve entered a pub in a small town somewhere in America, Jango Kitchen is a restaurant specializing in grilled food. A combination of “Jangu” (eel) and “Gogi” (meat), Jango mainly serves dishes made with eel, beef, or lamb. The restaurant was opened by a former interior designer who developed a great interest in cooking as a hobby.

    The bar space has been organized to give off a both formal and comfortable atmosphere and the restaurant menu are filled with dishes that aren't too strong in flavor for the enjoyment of foreign customers. All of the dishes and sauces have been personally cooked by the owner and the owner's mother. Nothing is marinated in sauce to preserve the original taste of the ingredients. Although the dishes may look plain at first glance, the efforts put into the dishes can be found in its unique refreshing taste.

    Location Icon Address 46 Seoulsup-gil, Seongdong-gu, Seoul

    Clock Icon Hours Weekday 18:00 - 23:00, Weekend 17:00 - 23:00

    Phone Phone +82-2-497-1275

    Instagram Instagram @jangokitchen

    Dream Space

    Camel Café

  • Camel Café
  • Camel Café
  • A fairy tale-like café located in a quiet little residential area, Camel Café is a place which brings a sense of peace to its visitors. Painted and filled with colors of dark beige and camel-colored things, the café is a space full of things that resonate with the café owner’s preferences. Apparently, this place was something she’d been dreaming of since childhood. Previously having worked in the fashion industry, she put aside her career to realize her dreams and opened up Camel Café, designing and filling it up with vintage things she found and bought throughout her life. However, finding the perfect location for her café took only about 10 minutes.

    An aficionado of camel-colored things, photographs, and rap, the owner is a master of storytelling and loves conversing and sharing new energy with visitors. The walls of the café are filling with semi-hidden scribbles. Spelling the menu as “Maenew” and open as “Opun” or closed as “Kruse” shows but a slice of the owner’s playful personality. 

    Location Icon Address 6 Seongdeokjeong 19-gil, Seongdong-gu, Seoul

    Clock Icon Hours 11:30 - 22:00

    Phone Phone +82-70-8711-3337

    Instagram Instagram @barkuaaang

    Welcome to New York

    Hosting House

  • Hosting House
  • Hosting House
  • Called the “Brooklyn of Korea”, Seongsu-dong is a trending neighborhood of small shops taking residence in old factories. However, a real “New York” spot has appeared in this neighborhood. Hosting House was created by a former New Yorker who used to work as an interior designer. Designed to look like someone’s lived in house, Hosting House is a unique and comfortable space for visitors. Located on the 2nd floor, half of this place operates as a showroom/store while the other half operates as a café/pub.

    Creating an inviting atmosphere, the showroom/store is a space selling only quality products that the owner has used before or knows about. Although it’s designed under a luxurious New York townhouse concept, Hosting House sells a wide range of products from decorations costing a couple of bucks to all-out expensive art pieces. Rather than displaying their products in rows, Hosting House displays their products in a more natural way, making their products shine. The showroom/store will be constantly undergoing changes to foster new inspiration and creativity in its visitors.

    Location Icon Address 1-2F, 1 Seongsui-ro 7-gil, Seongdong-gu, Seoul

    Clock Icon Hours Showroom 12:00 - 20:30, Cafe 12:00 - 24:00, Closed Monday

    Phone Phone +82-2-2039-6606

    Computer Icon Website