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Seventeen’s members are deeply involved in production, choreography and composing, which is why they are called a producer idol group. In recent years, Rolling Stone, the famous American music media magazine, referred to them as the future K-POP front runner, which shows their potential overseas. In the midst of vigorous activities, the group shows the charm of the 13 individual members on V LIVE for communication with their fans. The following is a list of cafes that Seventeen's Carat (Seventeen’s fan club) are recommended to visit.

Tour Course

Bakehouse – Weareoui – URBAN81 – Cafe Mong



The exact brunch that you imagined




On Seventeen’s V LIVE episode 「Where Is My Friend's Home」, the vocal team went to Bakehouse to enjoy brunch. The café is Located on the upper side of Gyeongnidan Road, called Hoenamu Road, and attracts customers with freshly baked bread and fragrant coffee. On the first floor, you can find fresh breads made from naturally fermented yeast, and after ordering bread or brunch, you can enjoy food on the spacious and cozy ground floor. You can discover the true value of Bakehouse in their croissants, baguettes, and ciabatta, which stay faithful to the basics. For reference, Seventeen members ordered scrambled eggs, corn cheese bread, and croissants.



  Address: B1, 1F 22 Hoenamuro 13 Ga Gil, Yongsan-gu Seoul

  Operating Hours: Weekday 11:00-21:00, Weekend 11:00-21:00

  Contact: +82-2-796-7564

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Dog café visited by Dokyum




Dogyeom is famous for his love for dogs, and he visited this dog cafe on V LIVE. A total of eleven dogs dwell here and from 2pm to 8pm, you can have a cup of coffee with the dogs, and you can enjoy a drink with them from 8pm to 3am. On the other side of the café, there is a shopping area for pet dogs as well.



  Address: 27 Achasanro 31 Gil Gwangjin-gu Seoul

  Operating Hours: 14:00-03:00, Mondays Off

  Contact: +82-2-3285-1568

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Enjoy a virtual date with Minkyu at a café




On Seventeen’s 3rd V LIVE’s episode, 「Please Become My Young-hee」, Minkyu enjoyed a virtual date with his fans at this location. There is always a movie played on one wall, and at night a mixture of calm music and lights creates an ambience that draws visitors. The signature item here is the 81 Cream Latte. The rich chocolate cream and soft latte’s scent fill up your mouth.




Address  Address: 14 Bongeunsar0 67 Gil, Gangnamgu, Seoul

Hours  Operating Hours: Weekday 9:00-20:00, Weekend & Holiday 11:00-20:00

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Communication space between Seventeen and Carat

Cafe Mong



Cafe Mong, located between Gangnam District Office and Seonjeongreung Station, is a special place for Seventeen and Carat. Seventeen members have been known to frequently visit the café since even before the group’s debut, and fans have since been constantly coming to the cafe. On the side of the café, there are photographs and signatures of Seventeen members. Seventeen members continually communicate with their fans as fans can check the messages left here.


Cafe Mong

  Address: 8 Seonreungro 121 Gil Gangnamgu Seoul

  Operating Hours: Mon-Sat 08:00-22:00, Sunday & Holiday 12:00-22:00

  Contact: +82-2-515-3231



※ Please note that this article was published in November 2018 and the above information is subject to change at any time.